The Masked Singer will have a fourth release, possibly even better this year!

The Masked Singer will have a fourth release, possibly even better this year!

The Masked Singer will have a fourth release, possibly even better this year!

Millie Carlucci – The Masked Singer

masked singerWhich ended last week with “Fox” Paolo Contecini winning, will return next year. It’s live Millie Carlucci To announce that the fourth version of the format being broadcast on Rai 1 will be:

See you next year for the fourth edition. Thank you all for playing with us.”

Presenter wrote on social networks. So in 2023 masked singer He’ll be back with new masks – we add – hoping for a better version than the one that just ended. listening aside, but not exceptional and downhill compared to the first editions (about 3 million spectators and 18% share), Carlucci You have to get back to formatting And a flick of the originality and freshness that the show seems to have already lost despite its few years of life (in Italy as of 2020).

Of course, there will be a hand to put your wallet, which would solve many “problems”, but Continuously drawing on the world of Dancing with the Stars is definitely not the best solution. This year the program was the current winner dance On the jury (Arisa), one of the masters of dance under the masks (Simone Di Pasquale), another to give voice to the studio audience (Sara Di Vaira) and other elements, from Rossella Erra to Vito Coppola, which refers to the dancer appear. In addition to the host of course. Go play savings, but that’s just too much.

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Other aspects are not very convincing, above all Jury. Caterina Palivo, Arisa, Flavio Encina, and Francesco Faccinetti added nothing to the show, creating Often confusion In the investigation of hidden identities, despite the fact that the role of investigators on paper is much more interesting and persuasive than the usual jurors who get angry in various programs. The mechanism of some choices must also be reviewed: it is not yet understood whether lower-quality competitors or those whose identity is clear to all should be immediately disclosed and eliminated. Because of Cristiano Malgoglio under the mask of “SoleLuna” was something known from the first episode, yet he played the final.

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