‘The Curtain Between Science and Faith’: Safe Conference in Torresilla with New Studies on Reliability | The latest news from Abruzzo

‘The Curtain Between Science and Faith’: Safe Conference in Torresilla with New Studies on Reliability |  The latest news from Abruzzo

Torricilla Sequora – Wednesday, April 13th at Torricilla Sequora of the Parish Church, at 20.30 there will be a conference open to all entitled “The Shroud of Turin: Between Science and Faith”. The conference and discussion will be edited by Ricardo Fortedirector, documentary filmmaker and theologian, a scholar in the Shroud for more than thirty years.

In addition to the recent discoveries made on the Shroud, the event will be based primarily on the results of various simulations conducted on the occasion of the production of a documentary in progress which will be broadcast at the end of the year.

He will be the supervisor of the evening Sandro de Marcelles There will be greetings from the parish priest Don AdrianMayor of Torresilla Daniel Palombi The deputy mayor Marco de Nicola.

The conference was organized by Gino de Benedetto Curator of the Ethnographical Museum Torricilla Sikora, where an exhibition of the shroud will be held from Thursday 14 to Monday 18, where it will also be possible to admire a full-size copy of the sacred relics.

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Shroud of Turin, the most studied effect of all. The research has been done by many scientists from 30 different sciences.

After carbon-14 dating of the three laboratories in Tucson, Zurich and London determined that the shroud was an artifact created between 1260 and 1390, scientific studies on the famous linen cloth have fallen by 90%.

But the mystery of this particular remains remains intrigued and divided. For the Church it is merely a testimony to the sufferings of Christ. For millions of believers, it is the sheet that wrapped Jesus in the tomb, until the resurrection. Instead, this is for many a cunning forgery of the Middle Ages.

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We’ll focus on what happened in the three days of the Passion, as we examine and analyze everything that appears on the Shroud’s canvas to finish with a carbon-14 radiation check.

Is the man of the shroud crucified on the patio, on a pillar, or on the classic cross?

Youssef Alrami Did the “manager” of the Passion buy “white” paper to deposit or wrap the body of Jesus in the tomb?

How many different sheets or cloths were wrapped around the body of Jesus? Is the shroud a sheet or tablecloth for the Easter ritual?

Bleeding is a real mystery. With the body standing, kneeling, and falling in different ways, the different hemorrhages are constantly subject to the changing force of gravity, the hemorrhages take uneven paths, and the skin is wet with more blood, sweat, and other substances.

Did the bleeding and other blood material occur before or after the shroud?

What happens to the body after death?

After years of experiments, ENEA scientists were able, thanks to a powerful laser, to obtain the same color and physical and chemical imprint that formed on the shroud.

Is carbon 14 radiation true or false?

To change the amount of carbon 14 so that the shroud is medieval, is it necessary to increase or decrease the amount of C14? This is critical to understanding the possible cause that changed the 1988 irradiation result. To prove this, the scientific results of the “C14 peak of 774 d.C” made by Japanese scientists

Could the shroud be a medieval fake? What knowledge must a brilliant artist possess to obtain an image as complex as a shroud?

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At the end of the conference there will be a surprise, presenting an artifact kept in the Ethnographic Museum of Torricilla Sikora which could have something to do with the shroud.

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