German bank collapse: what happened

German bank collapse: what happened

German banks could collapse, too. This is what happened to German Bank And Commerzbank. An anonymous investor could sell bundles of shares, leading to a crisis in two of Germany’s most important credit institutions.

Among the possible culprits, according to the IAEA Reutersthere can be Capital Group. The US company owns 5.20% of Deutsche Bank since November last year. Another suspect is Black stone Which instead owns 5.23%, according to a 2020 survey. To validate these numbers, the institute’s web page. However, the coincidence is that the same companies have more or less the same stakes, or more than 5%, in Commerzbank as well. This is disclosed in the appropriate section of the bank’s website. In this reality, however, the largest contributor remains The Federal Republic of GermanyA by 15% of the shares.

We should not underestimate the number of small shareholders that have emerged in recent years. In Deutsche Bank 3.18% of the shares, as of 2020, for example are attributable to Douglas Bronstein (Hudson Executive Capital). At Commerzbank, then, the investment fund plays a major role Wellington More than 3% of the total shares.

Therefore, the possible suspects are different with respect to yellowApril 11. On that date, Mr. X, whose identity is not yet known, was sold out 116 million Shares of Deutsche Bank e 72.5 million Commerzbank Securities. This is the equity shares exceed 5 percent. So we are talking about a process with a total value of approx 1.75 billion from the euro. The real mystery remains above all sale prices. The seller had taken all the inventory a 10.68 €. This means that there was an 8 percent discount on the previous stock market close.

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However, the state of German banks will not remain a long mystery. As stipulated by law, in the coming days, those who have contributions will have to transfer them. In this way everything will be clear and it will finally be possible to understand who, in a moment of deep uncertainty due to the war, thought of sending two points indisputably into crisis for those who had savings in Germany.

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