Macron highlights the war in Ukraine to stand up to Le Pen

Macron highlights the war in Ukraine to stand up to Le Pen

This is the message with which Emmanuel Macron wants to reduce the distance with the far right. The French President has put the war in Ukraine at the center of the discussion. After being overshadowed by months of conflict in Gaza and farmer unrest, the pulse of war in Eastern Europe has once again dominated political and media conversations. This is due not only to the difficulties of provocative escalation in Kiev and Moscow – with more cyberattacks, fake news and insults against Macron – but also to the centrist leader's strategy of recovery vis-à-vis the Europeans (Le Pen's party). Takes 10 points at the polls).

This tactical bet was reflected yesterday in a heated debate in the National Assembly. Macron and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky signed a security agreement on February 16. Although it was not indispensable, the French President decided to put this agreement to a vote in Parliament and the Senate. This decision responds to repeated criticism of the opposition that it is making decisions about the war without consulting it, and forces the far-right Lepinesta party to take a position on the conflict.

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