The Epic Games Store has officially announced free games on April 27, 2023

The Epic Games Store has officially announced free games on April 27, 2023

Epic Games Store announce what it will be free games from which users of the digital platform will be able to download April 27, 2023: This is Breathedge and Poker Club. In the meantime, you can download today’s free games.

Breathedge is a roguelike survival game that takes place in space, more precisely inside an interstellar junkyard: on the orders of a missing heroic astronaut, we will have to uncover a conspiracy and rescue a princess while trying to survive.

By collecting resources and using simple tools, we will be able to create useful objects to complete the task, repair damaged mechanisms, and maybe even a fully functioning space station with all the amenities. More details in our Breathedge review.

Instead, Poker Club is a particularly realistic and detailed poker simulation, even equipped with ray tracing graphics and a very rich structure, which includes more than a dozen different Texas Hold’em tournament modes, catering to game professionals as well as beginners.

Dealing with multiple variations of the classic rules, we will be able to play online to challenge other users, join a club, get rewards, unlock achievements, grow the team, and in general, become a premium player on the PCC Poker Tour, from the secret. From games to big events with lavish prizes to grab.

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