The king of immobile goals, Sarri celebrates

The king of immobile goals, Sarri celebrates

11.38 pm

Romagnoli lyrics

“We were able to concede a few goals against a team that always scores, which is testament to the intensity we showed tonight. The home game against Celtic will be crucial to qualify for the next round, we definitely have to win to try to move on. Derby “It’s three points, but we know it’s It is not a match like other matches and how important it is to us and our people. But we’ll start thinking about it tomorrow.” like Alessio Romagnoli In the post-match on the microphones of the Lazio Style channel.

11.26 pm

Terms of Zaccagni and Luis Alberto

The former Verona player went off in the second half due to a knee problem. Ice and bandage as soon as you sit in the chair. Lewis finished on the bench with severe pain in his right thigh (after substitutions, heroically on the pitch). “There is anxiety, I don’t know how they are,” Sari said after the match: Here are all the technician’s words.

11.23 pm

Position in the group: Lazio second

Atletico Madrid without brakes against Celtic: 6-0 and three more points to rise to the top of the group with 8. Lazio is in second place with 7, then Feyenoord with 6 and Celtic with one point. The eliminated Scots will be the Biancocelesti’s next challengers.

11.08 pm

Immobile’s record: He’s with the greats

Immobile scored his 200th goal for Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico. He is only the fifth player to score at least 200 goals for one team in the top five European leagues in all competitions since 2016/17 (his first year at Lazio), after Lewandowski (277), Mbappé (224), and Messi. (219) and Kane (216). Opta reports it.

10.59 pm

90’+7′ – The Providel miracle at the end and the match ends

A miracle from Providel with the final header for Feyenoord! Then Marciniak blows the final whistle, Lazio wins 1-0!

10.58 pm

90’+6′ – Warm atmosphere at this end

A member of the Lazio bench has been warned.

10.56 pm

90’+5′ – Lazio is close to 2-0

Fast start with Pedro serving Castellanos: shot, deflection by a defender, corner kick.

10.53 pm

90’+1′- Problems for Providel and Wiffer

Clash in the area between Wieffer and Providel. Whether on Earth, recovery will take longer.

10.51 pm

90′ – Recovery reported

Guendouzi did well to clear the area with Lazio exposed. Six minutes of stoppage time…

10.46 pm

85′ – Problems for Luis Alberto

The magician stops in the middle of the court and touches his right thigh. Changes sold to Sari..

10.39 pm

77′ – Other changes for Lazio

Vicino and Hisay come off in place of Rovella and Luca Pellegrini. New powers at this end will ignite.

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10.35 pm

73′ – Feyenoord is dangerous from a corner kick

Weaver scares Providel with his shoulder, and the ball goes over the crossbar. Marciniak gives a corner kick but the Dutchman gets the final touch.

10.29 pm

67′ – Excitement for Providel

Free kick from Paixao to Jimenez’s head, who turns it with his head and hits the left post behind Providel. Shortly after, Vecino received a yellow card, and was booked by Celtic.

10.28 pm

66′ – Luis Alberto crosses the ball from a corner kick, but everything stops

A corner kick from the Magician hits the crossbar, but play stops. Foul by Castellanos on Bigelow, starting again from a free kick for Feyenoord.

10.24 pm

63′ – New changes for Sarri

Zaccagni comes out instead of Pedro. Immobile also comes out amid applause and cheers for Castellanos. Two phases have been announced.

10.14 pm

53′ – First substitution for Lazio

Outside is Kamada, who is not seen much, and inside is Guendouzi. This is Sarri’s first change.

10.12 pm

50′ – Lazzari tries, Bigelow is there

The right track works with Felipe Anderson Zaccagni. The former SPAL player, sending the ball into space, sends in a low cross, and Bigelow comes out and converts the ball himself.

10.07 pm

46′ – The beginning of the second half for Lazio and Feyenoord

The second half begins, without changes to Sarri and Slot.

10.02 pm

Unmoved and scored 200 goals

Immobile scored the 200th goal for the Biancocelesti in a 1-0 win over Feyenoord. Here are all the details of Ciro’s record.

9.52 pm

45’+5′ – End of the first half

End of the first half between Lazio and Feyenoord. Intense match and biancocelesti feature with Ciro Immobile.

9.51 pm

45’+5′ – Romagnoli is close to doubling the score

Corner kick from Luis Alberto to return, Romagnoli frees, and the ball goes over the crossbar.

9.47 pm

45’+1′ – Lazio’s goal from Immobile

Great intervention by Vecino in midfield, passing the ball to Felipe Anderson and an assist for Immobile. The striker goes past the goalkeeper and sends the ball into the net to make the score 1-0. This is 200 goals in biancocelesti. The Olimpico explodes for its captain.

9.45 pm

44′ – Lazio’s slower pace

After a fast start by Lazio the pace dropped. The pressure is less active than in the first phase of the match. And Feyenoord are scary when they accelerate.

9.37 pm

36′ – Another danger for Lazio

Paixao positions himself and shoots confidently: the ball goes out of the net, what a danger for Lazio. The Biancocelesti have slowed down the pace, so the Dutch are growing.

9.32 pm

31′ – Great save from Providel

Jimenez turned it in the area towards the far post, and Providel stretched out and blocked it wonderfully. The ball is in the corner, but what a danger it is for Lazio.

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9.32 pm

30′ – Romagnoli hits a header and the ball goes out of the goal

A work of determination from the Biancocelesti, then a cross from the right flank from Felipe Anderson. Romagnoli runs forward for a corner but the ball goes wide.

9.21 pm

20′ – Forced slot replacement

Nieuwkoop can’t do it and goes out on a stretcher. In place inside Trauner.

9.18 pm

15′ – A clash between Newcoop and Hisay, the medical personnel on the pitch

Nieuwkoop blocks Hysaj but the effect is too strong. The Feyenoord defender is in the worst of the situation and needs medical attention. Cut deep above the eye, there will be a change to the aperture.

9.15 pm

13′ – Problems for Zaccagni

Zaccagni looks for progress, and in the fall his foot stops and his knee remains underneath it. Stengs buds, no problem for Provedel. Lazio healthcare workers are on the field for Sarri’s winger, who does not appear to have any major problems.

9.08 pm

7′ – Lazio asks for a penalty kick

A rebound ball in the penalty area is shot by Felipe Anderson, but Hartmann intercepts it. The Brazilian was a bit off balance, but the contact is light. We continue.

9.06 pm

5′ – Vecino attempts a header

Corner kick from the right taken by Luis Alberto. Vecino shot the ball alone, but he shot it strong. The start of the race for Lazio and Olimpico is very hot.

9.03 pm

1′ – Zakajne immediately lit up

He escaped to the right for Zaccagni, then made a mistake Newcop: Feyenoord defender receives the first yellow card of the match.

9.01 pm

1′ – Lazio-Feyenoord start

Let’s go! Lazio in blue and white, Feyenoord in white and red. First ball for the Dutch.

8.47 pm

Lazio numbers

Lazio won only one of their five European matches against Feyenoord (1N, 3P), but success came in the last home game of the Biancocelesti: 4-2 in the Europa League last season. Here are all the match statistics.

8.40 pm

Words by Ficino

“We will need the best Lazio team, we know that we are facing a difficult team, and we hope to play a good game and come back with a win. They are an aggressive and intense team with good players. Let’s see when the match starts what the situation is.” “They will have the knowledge that they are further ahead of us in the table. We hope that a win this time over Feyenoord here will take us into the group, which unfortunately did not happen last year.” So Matthias Vecino on the Lazio Style channel.

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8.36 pm

Words from sports director Fabiani

Lazio sporting director, Angelo Fabiani, spoke into Mediaset microphones: “Tonight it is important to get a result to try to qualify for the next round. Today’s match will be difficult against a strong team. It will be important not to make any mistakes that punished us in the first leg. Between Sarri and Lotito there. The relationship is excellent. Yesterday the coach wanted to repeat what he said almost a year ago.” , which is that he would like to end his career here. You were right to emphasize this concept. Passing the round will be very important for the children, the environment and the growth of this club. “We know it’s a tough race, but it’s not off-limits, and we have to race carefully and intelligently.”

8.33 pm

High alert in central Rome

Barcaccia was cordoned off in Piazza di Spagna as an anti-Feyenoord fan measure. Large numbers of police were deployed in the center of the capital searching for the Dutch who arrived in the past few hours. Moving away is prohibited, but that did not stop many Feyenoord supporters from arriving in Roma.

8.13 pm

Lazio fans protest

The Olympics are not complete due to the high cost of tickets. Fans outside the stadium raised a banner saying: “50 euros for a popular sector you should be ashamed of.”

7.57 pm

The situation in the Lazio group

And in the other meeting Group E Tonight,Atletico Madrid Hosts Celtic At the Metropolitan. The Spaniards find themselves between Feyenoord and Lazio in second place with five points, while Celtic is at the bottom of the standings with only one point. The two teams tied in Glasgow in the third round. Feyenoord leads the group with 6 points, Atletico 5, Lazio 4, Celtic 1.

7.52 pm

The official formation of the Lazio-Feyenoord team

Lazio (4-3-3) – Providel. Lazzari, Patrick, Romagnoli, Hessay; Camada, Vicino, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Immobile, Zacajne. All valid. Available: Sepe, Magro, Pellegrini, Guendouzi, Pedro, Isacsen, Castellanos, Cataldi, Gila, Rovella.

Feyenoord (4-3-3) – Bigelow; Nieuwkopp, Gertruida, Hanko, Hartmann; Timber, cerulean, weaver; Stings, Jimenez, Paixao. All. Slot. Available: Wellenreuther, Lambrou, Belin, Jahanbakhsh, Ueda, Delrosson, Lopez, van den Bilt, Ivanoucik, Trainer, Milambo, Linger.

7.45 pm

Lazio, everything is on the line against Feyenoord

Points for the group and a desire for revenge after the defeat in the first leg. Lazio called for a win over Feyenoord to reopen the qualification discussion. The Dutch lead the group. Kick-off is at 9 pm.

Rome – Olympic Stadium

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