Even, strangely enough, women and science. The festival introduces itself to young people

Even, strangely enough, women and science.  The festival introduces itself to young people

“Change your point of view, and evaluate situations from all possible points of view: for only in this way can the true richness of things be discovered.” The second edition of Pari e dispari, a festival on gender equality organized this year on the theme of women and science, begins here, with this reflection addressed to the curious audience of students of the Liceo Scientifico Amedeo di Savoia. This was stated by Marco Boscolo, science journalist and professor of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Bologna, whose mission yesterday was precisely to tell young people about the masculine and feminine world (and not only) in science, between inequalities, myths, stereotypical threats and possible approaches to change. Together with Boscolo, there was also space for interventions by teachers Alessandra Sforzi (Science) and Caterina Marini (History and Philosophy), who presented the boys and girls with historical testimonies on gender and racial discrimination, speaking respectively about the fascinating and traumatic events. The story of entomologist Enrica Calabresi who lived between the 19th and 20th centuries and racist laws.

A taste of the marathon that will be, in short, and which will continue with next week’s “Journey”. where? In the Lo Spazio library which again this year hosts events grouped under the theme “Even and Odd”. The dates to be marked in the diary are November 16, 17, 18 and 19.

The first of four appointments, on November 16 at 6pm, is the age bias appointment. This topic is discussed, beginning with a series of readings, by the brilliant journalist and writer Lydia Ravera, author of the long-running bestseller Pigs with Wings, who has tirelessly chronicled contemporary society since 1976, the year this book was published. The final piece of this mural is Age Pride. To free us from age-related prejudices (Einaudi, 2023), “I demonstrate against the stigma of those who are no longer young.”

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The next day, again at 6 p.m., the baton was handed over to the writer Antonella Lattanzi, who came out to Einaudi this year with Things They Don’t Tell You, an autobiographical novel about the traumatic experience of searching for a child in the midst of medically assisted childbirth. Miscarriage and the unfulfilled hopes of painting murals come together for the generation of women who chose to become mothers at a more mature age. In conversation with Lattanzi will be Dr. Vito Sella, gynecologist and head of the Department of Medical Assisted Reproduction at the University Hospital of Pisa, as well as an expert in marital infertility. Double date on November 18th. It starts at 4.30pm with journalist, TV presenter and science communicator at Cern in Geneva Paola Catabano face to face with Pistoia teacher Ilić Aiardi in a conversation that will also touch on topics that Catabano addressed in his latest book titled Ottantiesimo parallel. An Adventure Between Science and Ice (Slaney, 2023) about the Polarquest2018 expedition conducted on a sailboat. At 6.30pm, the spectacle will instead be held by neuroscientist Giorgio Vallortigara, Scientific Director of Cimec (Interdepartmental Center for Mind and Brain) at the University of Trento. At the Pistoia Festival, he will present his latest publication, Ilpulno di Kant (Adelphi, 2023), in dialogue with journalist Cesare Sartori and neurologist Laura Tirelli.

Dreams of distant lands On the last day of 19 November: the photographer from Pistoia Luca Bracalli and the engineer and the first Italian woman to lead an international expedition to Antarctica Chiara Montanari will discuss, moderated by journalist and colleague from the national organization Lisa Ciardi. This format was created by lawyer and regional equality advisor Chiara Mazzeo in collaboration with journalist and editor-in-chief of La Nazione di Firenze Cristina Privitera, in collaboration with the Luce portal! And support Chianti Banca. Also present at the launch yesterday were Regional Councilor and Mayor of Larciano Lisa Amédi and Miriam Valentino from the Regional School Office.

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