V Moto at Eicma 2023: all the news

V Moto at Eicma 2023: all the news

Photo: Matej del Coco – Quotidiano Motori

So die Available until Sunday ICMA 2023 With two important previews: Collaboration with PininfarinaResulting in Electric APD concept and this is CPx Explorer scooter Signed by C- Creativitya design studio led by Adrian Morton. The two new masterpieces brought to the Milan Theater these days can be visited at Suite I46 in Ward 11.

Eicma 2023: what’s new from V Moto

APD concept

So diewith the APD conceptsuggests innovative Great electric scooterdesigned by the prestigious Pininfarina pen which, as always, is entirely focused on himAerodynamics: This can be seen through the horizontal development culminating in a property Severed tail And through the numerous LED light friezes that distinguish this model.

VMoto APD 2023 concept
Photo: Matej del Coco – Quotidiano Motori

The collaboration actually started in 2022, when, again at Eicma, Pininfarina and Vimoto They introduced the concept of first vision. Selected claim Air forceHighlights the importance of air in creating APD. As for information regarding engines and autonomous driving, more will be known at the time of production. Right now, the focus is all on the design.

CBX Explorer

also VMOTO CPx Explorer Born from collaboration, in this case with C-Creative: it is the evolution of electricity In Moto CBX Propaying special attention to aerodynamic design in particular.

At Moto IKMA 2023
Photo: Matej del Coco – Quotidiano Motori

the performance And independence They are those “brothers”. Ultimately, the key words for V Moto at Eicma 2023 are partnership and sustainability.


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