Live Atp Toronto, Musetti-Medvedev 0-2 (4-6, 4-6). Waiting for the faulty direct

Live Atp Toronto, Musetti-Medvedev 0-2 (4-6, 4-6).  Waiting for the faulty direct

toronto canada) – a path Lorenzo Musetti to Toronto Masters 1000or. Carrara, ATP No. 19, was eliminated by the Russians Daniel Medvedevsowing second favourite, with Double 6-4 After just over an hour and a half of playing. At 2:30 Italian, it will be the title role Yannick Sinner: South Tyrol will face the British Britain’s Andy Murray. Watch today’s live broadcast.


Follow the live match between Sinner and Murray here

South Tyrol will play the qualifiers for the quarter-finals against the British. Follow the game here.

11:22 p.m

Medvedev in the quarterfinals: Musetti ko in two sets

Lorenzo Musetti’s adventure at the Masters 1000 in Toronto ends in the last 16. Carrara surrenders in two sets (double 6-4) against the Russian in 1 hour 33 minutes of play. In the next round, the winner will face off in a challenge between Fritz and De Minaur.

11:15 p.m

Medvedev advanced 5-4: one step away from the quarter-finals

The Russian won the eighth game, but Carrara, with great pride, kept the set open. Now the 27-year-old Muscovite will serve, after changing the court, to separate the quarter-final worthy pass.

11:05 p.m

Musetti Show: Counterbreak and 3-3!

Incredible on the center court: at 15-40 Medvedev canceled out the first break point but in the second he double-faulted. And so carrarino restores parity!

10:59 p.m

Musetti shortens the distances: 2-3

The blue immediately goes up 40-0 but closes the game in their favor only on the third break point.

10:55 p.m

Medvedev catches his serve and extends it: 3-1

The Russian player makes some mistakes but is sarcastic at the crucial moments of the match: serving at 30 and a uniform break.

10:50 p.m

Medvedev broke: 2-1

Another strong match for the Russian player, who also managed to break Musetti’s serve in the second set. The Muscovite tennis player reaches the third breaking point.

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10:47 p.m

Davidovich Fokina in the quarter-finals: Rod Ko

Alejandro Davidovich Fokina continues his career in the Canadian Championship. Spanish prevails in Three sets (7-6 (4), 4-6, 7-6 (4)) on norwegian Casper Road, the third workbook. He will face the 24-year-old Andalusian Mackenzie MacDonald who hit b Double 6-3 Canadian, the owner, Milos Raonic.


Medvedev does not give up: 1-1

The Russian immediately equalized with a solid game: after leading 30-0, the 27-year-old Muscovite came back from Musetti but managed to win the next fifteen.

10:36 p.m

Musetti starts on the right foot: 1-0

Blue holds the serve round keeping serve at 15.

10:28 p.m

Medvedev wins the first set against Musetti

The Russian won the first set over Carrara: 6-4 after 42 minutes of the match.

10:25 p.m

Musetti, what a reaction: 4-5!

Blue trembles and wins the ninth game of the set, holding serve at 15. After changing sides, Medvedev will serve to close the first set.

10:22 p.m

Medvedev moves to 5-3: the first set is one step away

The Russian holds serve and boosts the break: Musetti is in trouble after an excellent start.

10:17 p.m

Medvedev puts the second half: 4-3!

Musetti immediately flies up to the sensational 30-40 of the Russian. Blue cancels the first break point with a header, but in the second, in his favor, he loses the seventh game.

10:08 p.m

Medvedev holds serve: 3-3

The Russian delivers just 15 to Musetti, bringing the match back into balance.

10:04 p.m

Musetti returns the arrow: 3-2

What a match for Carrara: A 30-year-old run of action, the 21-year-old sealed it with a stunning angle found in the rebound on the counter-bumper. Lorenzo thunderous applause!

10:01 p.m

Medvedev replies the present: 2-2

The Russian closes the match in his favor with a header: Muzzetti keeps it at 30.

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Musetti leads: 2-1

Blue fly 40-0 but then give Medvedev two points. At the third chance, carrarino closes the match in his favour.


Medvedev holds the service: 1-1

The Russian immediately restores parity despite a double fault.


Musetti’s excellent start: 1-0

Round to zero for Carrara, who starts the match against Medvedev in impressive fashion.


Medvedev wins the lottery

The Russian chose to receive, so Musetti would start to serve first.


Musetti and Medvedev on the field

Blue and russian enter on concrete from Central Court Canadian, who was welcomed by applause from the audience in the stands. Now classic heating Before the game then begin!


MacDonald eliminates Raonic: Now Musetti

United States filter in 2 sets (6-3 doubles) Canadian owner Central Court Toronto. Soon it will be the turn of the big evening match between Carrarino And Medvedev.


Musetti and Medvedev: starts at 21:40

The match between Blue and Russian will start at 21:40, 15:40 local time.


MacDonald takes the first set against Raonic

The American wins partial first Against the Canadian: 6-3 After 37 minutes of play.


The start of the match between Musetti and Medvedev was postponed

The rain delays the program: the awaited challenge will start between the blue and the Russian Not earlier than 21:30in Italian time.


ATP Toronto, all set to recover

dried up fields, The players are ready to return to the fieldThe organizers of the Masters 1000 announce this on the official website.

8:20 p.m

ATP Toronto, the sun returns: soon we start again!

In Toronto the rain has stopped: 20:30: tournament organizers announce on Twitter. So we’ll start again with Bean’s challenge Rooney And McDonald’sAnd it was cut off at 3-2 and sent it to the American in the first set. Then it will be a turn Daniel Medvedev And Lorenzo Musetti.

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Wta Montreal, Paolini exits in the round of 16: Pegula wins in two sets

ends at Round of 16 adventure Jasmine Paulini in the tournament wta 1000 to Montreal, winning a total prize pool of $2,788,468 which is to be contested on Canadian Tough. The 27-year-old from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, No. 49 in the rankings, was beaten in 2 sets (6-4, 6-0) In an hour and seven minutes of the game from the United States Jessica PegulaNo. 3 in the standings and 4 in the seeding.


ATP Toronto, not recovering before 20:30

Thanks to the rain, the Canadian Championship organizers announce that The matches will begin Not earlier than 2:30 p.m. local time (the 20:30 Italian). Match start time between musetti And Medvedev.


ATP Toronto, suspended two games due to rain

the bad weather Canadian Masters hits 1000: Momentarily suspended because of the rain challenges between Davidovich Fokina And Rod And the person you’re arguing about middle toronto between MacDonald and RaonicChallenge Theater musetti And Medvedev.


Musetti-Medvedev, start time

The challenge between Blue and the Russian is the second match scheduled on center fieldAfter the McDonald and Raonic match. The match should then start Not before 8.10pmin Italian time.


Musetti-Medvedev, ex

Unedited challenge Between Carrara and the Russians, who have not yet challenged each other.


Sinner and Musetti in Toronto, where they can be seen on TV and live

The Blues duo are in the last 16 of the Canadian Masters 1000: South Tyrol Challenges MurrayCarrarino will confront him Medvedev. All match information. (Here are the details)

Toronto Canada

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