The killing of the leaders of the lion’s den –

The killing of the leaders of the lion’s den –

The Israeli army carried out a raid in the old city of Nablus in the West Bank on the Lion’s Den group: killing the leaders of the group promising revenge

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Jerusalem – in the old city houses Nablus Some of the living rooms still show plaster of a different color, a shadow on the wall as high and wide as a man’s, and a stain that leads from there into the bedroom. from another apartment.

More than twenty years ago here Aviv KochaviNow chief of staff, he commanded the Parachute Brigade in the fiercest battles of the Second Intifada: to avoid ambushes in the narrow streets. He ordered his men to walk inside the buildings through the buildings. One of the walls exploded and his ax exploded after another.

A few months after his term ended, he found himself coordinating a process between those concrete cubes. At 2 AM tonight The special forces moved to the entrance to what they call the KasbahTarget is a laboratory for the preparation of explosives.

The goal is the lion’s denthe Palestinian group that holds Mukhabarat responsible for a series of attacks in the West Bank against settlers and the army.

The soldiers were recognized, the clash soon turned into a war, an anti-tank missile hit the window of the building where the militants had holed up, and loudspeakers reminded the residents for whom the extremist organization had become a legend. The dead are five, all leaders of the group that promises revenge.

Another Palestinian was martyred in a different area of ​​the city.

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Spokespersons for President Abu Mazen demand the United Nations to intervene to stop the massacre so far Tana also annoys the head. Because members come mostly from Fatah and popular support for Black is another sign of how much his power has waned.

Since February, the West Bank, more so than Hamas-controlled Gaza, has alarmed Israeli generals who They fear the spread of violence125 Palestinians have been killed since the beginning of the year.

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