WhatsApp crashes across Italy, messaging app back on after two hours of ban

WhatsApp crashes across Italy, messaging app back on after two hours of ban

WhatsApp is slowly getting back to normal After the damage began between 8:30 and 9:00 Italian time. They gradually share messages between individual users and in conversations. Reports of outages from around the world on Downdetector.com are also starting to slow. The whole of Italy woke up this morning without being able to send messages with the most popular instant messaging app in the Meta Group world. For starters, Mark Zuckerberg’s company runs Instagram and Facebook as well as Whatsapp. It is clear that the hashtag #Whatsappdown immediately entered the topic of trend on Twitter.

The problem started just after 8am on Tuesday 25th October when the wheel on the top screen started spinning without finding a signal, both on the mobile and desktop versions. Among the inefficiency reports on the site Downdetector.com, The impossibility of sending messages to groups and individual chats, and the lack of a double check for receiving messages. Some users have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but without success. It was Second holiday in dead house less than 24 hours. On Monday October 24th, after 6pm, there were already numerous reports of those who were unable to use Facebook. The recent WhatsApp inefficiency dates back nearly a year, on October 4, 2021 when there was a ‘crash’ of all Meta group apps, including Instagram and Facebook, for a period of six hours. On that occasion, after the services were restored, the official apology to founder Mark Zuckerberg also arrived.

Meta Group owned chat has become an infrastructure in many markets, 2 billion people use it, So are institutions and governments, and smart work is becoming increasingly important. As of 2020, the service was used to send more than 100 billion messages per day

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