Thousands of Israelis are protesting against the government and demanding a ceasefire

Thousands of Israelis are protesting against the government and demanding a ceasefire

the The war on Gaza It left dark images. The Israeli bombing since Hamas launched its first attack has led to thousands and thousands of casualties among Palestinian civilians. This situation has strained the Israeli government's relations with many other countries, but also with its own people. Thousands of people demonstrated again on Saturday night in the streets of various Israeli cities against the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to demand a ceasefire. However, the demonstrators also found time to demand the return of the hostages taken by Hamas the first time The attack of last October 7.

In Tel Aviv, hundreds of people gathered carrying A Netanyahu of the situation in Gaza, chanting slogans in support of the situation in Gaza Holding immediate elections in the country. “Elections are now!” Or “You're the boss, you're to blame!”, are some of the claims heard on the streets of this city during the protest, local media reported. Protests continued throughout the weekend and not just in Tel Aviv People can be seen on the street. There were demonstrations in other parts of the country such as Haifa and Beersheba. Likewise, as on previous weekends, a group of people also gathered In the city of CaesareaIn front of Netanyahu's house, whose popularity has declined since the resumption of armed conflict in the region.

Pictures of the martyrs of the bombing of the Shifa neighborhood in Gaza City / Popular Army

Israel criticizes the government's failure to release the hostages

For their part, the vigil called for by the relatives of the hostages was concluded in Jerusalem, in which more than one person participated 15,000 people Who arrived in the city, having begun the “Unity March” on Wednesday at Kibbutz Reim, to demand the release of their loved ones tonight. The families of the hostages were joined by well-known figures in Israeli politics, such as opposition leader and former Prime Minister Yair Lapid, who condemned the inability of the war government led by Benjamin Netanyahu to secure the release of the hostages. 134 hostages Which is in Gaza. “They ask us if we are doing enough, and the answer is no,” he told The Times of Israel. “This country cannot live with the idea that they will not come back. There is no other possibility. If you have to leave, then leave, and if you have to scream, then scream.”

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