February 5, 2023

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The Japanese tour ends in a tie

1:27 p.m

95′ – The match is over

Roma’s friendly match in Japan ended in a draw. Good reaction from the Giallorossi In the second half thanks above all to Zaniolo.

1:24 p.m

92′ – draws for Roma

Shomorodov’s goal in the end! Volpato in the penalty area opens the board to serve the Uzbek at the far post, who has no difficulty finding the net.

1:19 p.m

87′ – A penalty kick not awarded to Roma

Mourinho angry after a penalty was not awarded to Roma. A clear intervention on El Shaarawy by an opposition defender, the Japanese referee does not award the penalty kick, and the Giallorossi bench protest..

1:16 p.m

83′ – Roma fall short with Ibanez

Yellow and red grid. Ibanez recovers a ball on the trocar Bad kick by the goalkeeper: The Brazilian enters the area and lets him pass violent the left which ends in the door.

1:04 p.m

71′ – Third goal from Yokohama

Another target from the Japanese, this time with Matsubara (Alternate) who shot right footed long range beat Bowyer (also alternate).

1:00 pm

68′ – Goal from Roma with Zaniolo

Rome shortens the distance with Nicholas Zaniolo. An excellent cross from Volpato for the number 22: in the area Zaniolo returns on the left and beats the Japanese goalkeeper.


62′ – Zaniolo’s chance

Roma is very close to scoring. Assisted in the penalty area by Shomorodov’s ZanioloThe ball goes over the entire area: Zaniolo’s left foot is denied by the goalkeeper.


50′ – Shomororodov’s chance

A tumultuous opportunity for Rome. tears dropper Zaniolo Who in the acceleration jumps players, then the area’s assistance Shumorodov who throws incredibly well at the goalkeeper.

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47′ – Zaniolo is dangerous

Long pass into the buff’s area ZanioloAn attack by the attacker who returns and allows the left foot which is blocked by the goalkeeper


45′ – The second half starts with three substitutions

Three changes for Rome: exit Abraham, Missouri and MateC, from the inside Shomorodov, Volpato and Zaniolo.


47 ‘- First half

The first half of the match ended: Roma trailed by two goals.


45′ – Yokohama double

Another goal from the Japanese team. Rome leaves a large area a Nishimura With his powerful right foot hitting the post, the ball touches his back degrade Dive and enter the target.


41′ – Ibrahim missed the knockout

Try Rome. El Shaarawy passes the ball down in the area, lbrahim He collects it diagonally and looks for the shot first. The goal is well covered by the Japanese defense, which denies the right to turn the attacker over.


34′ – Smalling’s bid

there Rome Faces in attack but weak. crossing in the area, Smalling He hits the head, but the ball expands.


31′ – Tahirovic is injured

Binyamin Tahirovich almost cried. In fact, the quarterback was forced to stop to problem muscle. In place inside Edoardo ox.


26′ – El Shaarawy is booked

hasty intervention before El Shaarawy Hitting an opposing player: the referee warns him.


15 ‘- Yokohama Serious

Another opportunity for Asian training. This time it is Leo to try from the edge of the penalty area, but the ball was denied with a fist by Svilar.

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11:47 a.m

13′ – Roma tries

Rome on the offensive. The ball is in the area you collected Ibanez who tried the right-footed shot, which ended in the bottom.

11:43 a.m

9′ – Yokohama takes the lead

Advantage of the Japanese. Cross in the middle of the area, Abraham missed the sign Edward Another close hit with a head. degrade Positioned is not reactive and the ball goes under the legs and ends up towards the goal.


2 ‘- Two dangers to Rome

Double chance for Yokohama at the top. first the ball in l’s region Mizunomaeager for Svilar to get out, then a shot Edward Which ends just next to the Algalurusi goal.


1 ‘- The match begins

kick off. First ball to Marinos.


Roma on the field in a special jersey

Roma jerseytoday on the field in the latest Japanese friendly match: the uniforms were produced by New Balance and Arias, E.J The players name will be written in Japanese.


Roma on the field to warm up

The two teams Take to the field To start warming up before the start of the match.

11:00 am

Roma-Yokohama Marinos, what time and where to watch it on TV

friendly Della Roma will be staged at 11.30 (Italian time) And it will be visible on Dazn. Live broadcast also on courieredellosport.it

10:45 a.m

Rome, the official profile

Roma (3-5-2): degrade. Cumbula, Smalling, Ibanez; Missouri, Tahirovic, Matic, Kamara, Celik; El Shaarawy, Ibrahim.

Yokohama Marinos (4-4-2): Takaoka; Koike, Iwata, Eduardo, Nagato; Kida, Watanabe; Mizunuma, Nishimura, Yan; Leo Serra.

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Tokyo – Japan National Stadium