The goalkeeper cheers, but he doesn’t know what’s going on behind him

The goalkeeper cheers, but he doesn’t know what’s going on behind him

An incredible episode occurred in the Conference League preliminary penalty shoot-out between Glentoran and Island United. The Maltese goalkeeper cheered, thinking he had saved a penalty, but that was not the case, as the ball then went in.

In the sea of ​​friendly matches, summer tournaments, Champions League qualifiers, Europa League and… conference. There are often old glories on the field and the champions are teams that rarely compete in the main draws, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any interesting or noteworthy stories. An exciting story was produced by the challenge played in northern ireland between Glentoran And Al Jazeera , Team from Malta.

Glentoran is an Irish team that also boasts a glorious past in Europe and seems to be a huge favorite in the match against Gzira United, a Maltese team. On the island in the first leg ends in a draw 1-1. With the same result, the second leg also ends with a Maltese pass Lucas McCulla In the 67th minute and is reached ironically in the 103rd minute when burns He scored the equalizing goal in the thirteenth minute of extra time. With this result we go to extra time, the score is 1-1 and so we go to penalty kicks which become infinite.

The tension over penalty kicks is always palpable, those who follow that match suffer with terrible pathos. Because after the canonical five penalty shootouts, there is a tie: everyone scores. Goes to the bitter end and converted penal swarm. Goalkeepers also kick and score too. 11 shots and 11 goals for both teams!

It starts again. Al Jazeera, who always beats first, with bags WilkinsonIt is up to Northern Ireland donnelly, Bomber, No. 9, who decides to kick to the right of the goalkeeper crusherWho guesses and flies and rejects the outcome.

Kesar rejoices, he thinks it’s over. It would be a historic victory for the Maltese, but the ball keeps rolling and as Donnelly desponds it slowly ends up in the net. The pictures are amazing. Donnelly rushes to the verdict, as well as the Glentoran goalkeeper, scored the goal. There’s no need to protest: That’s a goal, and it’s 12-12. For the Maltese, the joke is exciting. Cassar’s elation was truly tragic, considering that the first Maltese didn’t quite seem to know the rules.

Glentoran is saved, but it actually doesn’t last long. Because after the goals of Mendoza, McCullough and Cherry this time it was really the fault. Boyd is wrong. And This time goalkeeper Cassar can really cheer. 14-13. The legendary result of a memorable victory for Jezira United who continue their run into the Conference League play-offs will face Luxembourgers Dudelange.

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