LIVE MN – Towards Cagliari – Milan: Casey in the middle, Diaz’s favourite. Jiro leads the attack

LIVE MN – Towards Cagliari – Milan: Casey in the middle, Diaz’s favourite.  Jiro leads the attack

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Milan coach most likely: Megan; Calabria, Kalolo; Tomori, Theo Hernandez; Ben-Nasser, Casey; Messias, Ibrahim, Diaz, Liao; Jerrod

15.20 – The last Milan player to score in Cagliari is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swedish striker scored in his last absolute home game against Sardinia in January 2021, marking the 18th round of Serie A. Ibrahimovic was decisive first with a converted penalty in the first half, and then with a pledged goal. The score in the final is 0-2.

15.00 – There are thirteen precedents for Milan with Marco Di Bello, the referee assigned to the match scheduled for tonight in Cagliari. With the whistle of Bolian, the Rossoneri had nine victories and two draws, and lost twice. Pioli’s team interrupted this season with the Brindisi rule for two, and managed to get four points (Atalanta – Milan 2-3; Milan – Juventus 0-0).

14.40 – With 33 points scored in 14 matches, Milan can boast the second best outside performance in Serie A. Pioli’s team also has the best outside attack by scoring 32 goals, having conceded only 17 goals. He won four victories (Napoli, Inter, Venice, Empoli) and one draw (Salernitana).

14.20 – There are two cautious Milan for tonight’s match in Cagliari. In addition to Alessio Romagnoli, Brahim Diaz will also risk the penalty, who should start as a playmaker at Pioli 4-2-3-1. However, after disqualification, Theo Hernandez will also be available again.

14.00 – The bet the devil wants to win is about Ibrahim Diaz: the Spaniard, who started as a wild card full of genius and imagination, has suffered a decline. The Cagliari match should be an excellent test given the possible absence of Sandro Tonali. The coach could decide to lift Ibrahim, returning from three straight seats, to the trocar. Written by Il Giorno.

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13.45 – The match scheduled for tonight at the “Unipol Domus” stadium will be very important for Milan, as well as for Cagliari, who are looking for valuable saving points. Here is the lineup that Mazzarri could play against the Rossoneri: Cragno; Goldanega, Lovato, Altar; Bellanova, Diola; Grassi, Dalbert; Marin, Pavoletti, Joao Pedro.

13.30 – Stefano Pioli has yet to resolve all doubts regarding the squad that will take the field tonight against Cagliari. Between the Messias and the Saelemaekers, for example, the usual ballot for a place takes place on the right side of the trident behind the center striker. At the moment the Brazilian has the advantage over his Belgian teammate, but Pioli, in all likelihood, will make a final decision only close to the match.

13.15 – “Ibra con il droppocce” is the title of today’s edition of Tuttosport talking about the Rossoneri champion. “Not even in Cagliari the star will start,” writes the Turin newspaper, which then adds: “Nevertheless was his match: last January, he scored two goals, a year before his new debut and conceded a goal.” Therefore, for Zlatan, it was not time to start from the beginning: “He went out due to injury against Juventus on January 23, and since then he has played only a few minutes against Napoli and Empoli. After Cagliari, Sweden is waiting for him. ”

13.00 – Here’s the Milan team that could take the field tonight in the match against Cagliari, a match valid for the 30th day of the Serie A championship in goal Minnian, then the defense formed by Calabria, Calulu, Tomori and Teo Hernandez; In the middle of the field Kessie-Bennacer tandem, with Messias, Diaz and Leao supporting Giroud.

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12.45 – At the end of the tournament there are 9 matches left and Giroud and his companions are at the top of the table with 63 points, but they will take the field tomorrow after Napoli (against Udinese, 15 hours) and Inter (against Fiorentina, 18 hours). ), with ambition putting the wind in favor of most of the remaining races. “We’re at 98, and now we have to do 99 and 100,” Bewley said at the press conference. And Cagliari will be only the first of the 99 that await Milan: we will have to blast hard to put them on alert and aim for the number 100, colored in tricolor.

12.30 – In the last few games Milan have struggled a bit in front of goal, often winning by analogy. “Pioli asks for goals so that he does not suffer”, the headlines of the newspapers, which then carried some of the statements made by the Rossoneri coach on the eve of the match: “We do not score much, but I have many players who can do it.” . The Scudetto are all open.”

12.15 – ‘Kessie is back in the middle’, Corriere dello Sport headlines speak of a Milan team that could take the field tonight against Cagliari. Tonali is in Sardinia with the team, but he is not in great shape after his flu attack this week. So Mr Pioli could leave Sandro on the bench and put Frank back in the middle for Bennacer’s side.

12.00 – The three teams battling for the title are all on the field, hours apart from each other. It will be an important stage, today, in the race for the Italian flag. Not surprisingly, the Corriere della Sera headlines: “Saturday Scudetto”. Napoli opens at 3 pm by hosting Udinese at Maradona Stadium, then comes the turn of Inter, committed to San Siro against Fiorentina; Milan will conclude today, on stage away from home in front of Cagliari. In short, it will give a role to live and can save other fluctuations.

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