June 8, 2023

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He studied science and literature for students of the Quasimodo Institute in Florida

FL, November 28, 2022 – Wandering through literary, poetic, pictorial, and astrophysical images of the sky. It is the opportunity given to the students of the third year of the first year of high school Fourth Comprehensive School “Salvatore Quasimodo” From flThanks to the meeting between science and literature that took place in the Iris room. Here, in fact, a documentary film trailer was shown.by desireIn the presence of Paola Tricomi, the author of the story, and Andrea Orlando, who wrote the script with her and Francesca Muscarelli.

“Out of desire,” the writer explained Paola Tricomi To the Boys – A photo-documentary about the sky that aims to shed light on a specific aspect of life. That is, on the fact that the way we look at things changes reality itself in some way. In this sense, we wanted to play with observing the sky, talk about people who have noticed this wonderful place, which belongs to all of us, and interview them from different points of view. Those of the astrophysicist, astronaut, astrophotographer and also the human and scientific view of a 360 degree story. A very remarkable journey, such as the relationships created that will soon lead to the founding of a cultural association, born precisely of “desire” and which aims to spread science ».

added the researcher Andrew Orlando: «The documentary is an opportunity for archaeological astronomy, which brings together the human and physical sciences, even if it is sometimes not easy to understand the connection. In fact, our ancestors observed the sky, as we do today, and archaeological astronomy does nothing more than study the orientations of ancient buildings in order to better understand the thinking of our ancestors.”

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Explain Salvatore CantoneDirector of the Fourth Comprehensive Institute “Salvatore Quasimodo” in Florida: “This initiative, carried out with Paola Tricomi and Andrea Orlando, as teachers, we liked and persuaded because it allowed us to carry out interdisciplinary work between literature and science. In fact, it seemed to us heaven, understood as An object for literary inspiration and the study of astronomy and astrophysics, a means to make children understand that culture is unique even if viewed from different angles. A means, in short, to increase students’ knowledge and awareness.”