The Italian “super secret” that shakes up a bit of science.

The Italian “super secret” that shakes up a bit of science.

what instead It doesn’t quite appear The news about the real numbers of people affected by adverse reactions for mass vaccination.

In the various spontaneous movements that have revolted around the world over the experimental serum, because it will only be officially enabled as an experimental drug in 2023, something is finally starting to move as well in the scientific community in Italy.

To state that he is a Dr. Paolo Pochetti Professor of pharmacology who claims: “There is a cross-sectional movement that begins to discuss the validity of drugs“.

As early as January 25, 2022, Professor Bocchetti publicly announced that: “The rush to vaccinate on the carpet has not prevented the spread of the virus: In the short term, nearly 100% of the population will be infected. Continuing to take doses can weaken the immune response“.

Immediately, a few days later, on February 9, 2022, journalist Elena Duce de Repubblica collected the statements of the AIFA that she transmitted in the newspaper: “The reports received by the Medicines Agency were 117 thousand, but 83% relate to minor diseases. Locatelli: “Vaccines are very safe for children It protects their social life as well.” Vaccine-attributed deaths 22 in total. There is no risk in pregnancy.”

Good fiction or do they have real data?

The truth that is painstakingly emerging today, and which is already beginning to emerge at that time, is another truth entirely.

There have already been some mainstream broadcasts that have attempted to display the statements and testimonies of those who, abandoned by the health system and the science in which they believe, find themselves today with a body that, just as Professor Bocchetti said, is weak in an often immune response with unknown symptoms, but altered or even destroyed The lives of these people, and continued to get strong clouds dominate the many doubts about the experimental serum.

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Unfortunately, confirmation of these ideas comes from YodraIt is the system designed to report adverse effects, which is directly controlled by the European Medicines Agency, EMA, which on 17 June 2022 publishes the report reporting alarming data for 1,334,189 adverse reactions with 10,842 deaths.

Impressive report and perhaps with underestimated data, also because many still do not report side effects, but this must be remembered, already highlighted EudraVigilance, hence EmmaAnd the 86% is funded by the pharmaceutical companies themselves.

In short, the controller who controls the controlled, the same system and method of politics that consists of “imposed and calculated” executives, who rule, without a constitutional and democratic electoral consensus.

But there is another file that caught our attention and we find it on the non-profit association’s website Public Health Professionals and Physicians for Transparency Also taken from ByoBlu, where it claimed that pfizer covid vaccine, It will only be 12% effective.

It’s one of those heartbreaking news as well because, all of these “compromising” documents the drug company was ready to hide and not reveal, until 2076, but fortunately a conscientious federal judge from Texas, Mark Batemanwould be “Order to release Pfizerfiles within a maximum period of one and a half years“.

Our rulers do not matter much if the separation between the institution and the people increases, they are the “better”, and continue without concern on the line of imposition “Blackmail Forum”, Recalling Ferrostar in their papal ministry of terror such as Sergio Abrignani who said the third dose would cover for 10 years.

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Now, with the number of infections increasing in recent days, Abrignani is heralded through fourth-dose care and, after all, the green lane spectrum is being revisited.

If our reasoning is correct, backed up by the fact that the European Union has not removed the Green Corridor, unfortunately the enforced measure of ‘Forum blackmail’, will soon return to the fore; In fact, they have already prepared an intense 24-hour media propaganda for at least two weeks.

To be responsible, this is the quality that we must imprint on our foreheads and reveal, and precisely for this sense of responsibility, some Alternativa deputies led by the Hun. Francesco SabiaAnd they demanded, through the press conference in the House of Representatives, that Professor Frages be heard by one Committee of Inquiry into Vaccine Efficacy and Adverse Reactions.

Sabia He says: “We want to shed light on the adverse interactions and on the balance of benefits/risks for vaccines in the different phases of the epidemic, as well as check whether there are any effects in pandemic management and vaccine batch procurement methods.He adds: “It must be emphasized that every time a Member of Parliament makes an inspection, which is his prerogative, the Ministry never responds.”.

Dear Secretary Speranza, by not responding, trying to divulge statements, and not listening to parliamentarians, doing so only feeds people, thought That there is a dangerous system of moral and political corruption on the licenses of medicines sold by pharmaceutical companies. think about it.

And while jurisprudence from the north to the south of our country rejects the controls it has put in place that leave entire categories without pay, without work and without dignity, starting with health workers who do not intend to succumb to state blackmail, we read the last sentence Lombardy Tar: ‘This judgment has value’disproportionate to achieving the purpose of protecting public health.”.

Dear Minister, the measures taken by the government have vanished, the judges are writing…”Exceeds the necessary limit of reasonablenessIn short, you have violated and crossed every insurmountable boundary of the legality hinge.

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And when a new vaccination campaign is announced and set up, can we really feel safe from a health body that proves to be financially dependent on drug companies?

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