Juve with De Ligt is the final break: Juventus moves

Juve with De Ligt is the final break: Juventus moves

As reported by Sportmediaset, Juventus and De Ligt are ready to say goodbye. Obviously, the Dutchman’s words in the spring, which frightened the Juventus fans, were not just fleeting. The defender is not satisfied with his way in Turin and wants to change the atmosphere.

Juventus, Arrivabene’s words about De Ligt

And Juventus is ready to let him go, as Arrivabene said a few days ago at the Tuttosport show: “Today it is impossible to keep a player who wants to leave. But it’s always about numbers, and it’s not that if someone wants to leave, you answer them: Please, sit down.”

Let’s get back to talking about Players who follow the advice of the plaintiffs Or colleagues rather than the club – he explains – it’s hard to keep a player, but all three have to get up from the negotiating table. Article 5 always applies: Whoever has the money wins“.

Juventus, de Ligt in the prime minister’s crosshairs

Some time ago there was talk of renovation, but now it’s just an illusion of piety. Juventus ready to sell De Ligtin the crosshairs of many of the major European clubs, especially in the English Premier League: the Dutch Chelsea really love him but Manchester United also love himWith the training of Ten Hag, who launched de Ligt at Ajax. But for now, Londoners will be ahead.

Juventus moves with De Ligt

All that remains for Juventus is to make the most of the group, as well as save on the signing of the defender, the highest-paid player in Serie A. Juventus hopes to get 125 million from the release clauseThe dish will probably not be that rich, but it will definitely be a profitable sale. Chelsea are ready to go on the attack with €70m More rewards, but Juventus want more. An auction is expected in the English Premier League.

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