The event that combines research and social objectives –

The event that combines research and social objectives –

A very timely mix.Science and society They are the champions from October 6 to 8 in Prati della Vittoria in Rome at the festival dedicated to them, now in its second edition. This completely free event, moderated by science journalist Renato Sartini, is sponsored by the Municipality of Roma I Centro in collaboration with the Italian Society of Environmental Geology, the Mamiani High School, the Energy Park, the Jane Goodall Italia Institute and the Junior Club Cultural Association. 2020. The festival includes a series of social objectives, two of which have already been achieved thanks to the donation of a pacemaker and the indoor treatment of pine trees in the green areas of Via Saputino. “The relationship between science, politics and society is an essential thematic triangle for a city that truly wants to face the way to the future with rational solutions based on a scientific approach,” Sartini said.

Program and objectives

Among the events, the “Solar Climate Fluctuations” stands out, moderated by Tg2 journalist Giorgio Pacifici together with researchers from the National Institute of Astrophysics (Inaf). During the three Social Science Days there will be collection points for used mobile phones. The goal is to donate to the Jane Goodall Institute devices that are no longer in use but whose components can be refurbished or recovered from a circular economy perspective. The proceeds will be invested in the education of children at the Sanganegwa Orphanage in Tanzania.

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