June 6, 2023

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Misano, “Freedom and Responsibility in Science:” Scientist Baccione in Philosophical Review

It will be a very special appointment, the one scheduled for tomorrow evening, as part of the philosophical review.”freedomIn fact, Kermes Misani will host a scholarly focus that sees the world as the protagonist Gianfranco Pacioni.

The basic requirement of those conducting research must not be affected: the researcher must be able to question the moral value of particular projects, and be free to collaborate and share data and analyzes with other researchers, regardless of any consideration of race, religion, or political belief. In scientific research, Pacioni asserts, there can be no freedom without responsibility: the act of the scientist has inevitable repercussions on society.

In his speech entitledDoing Science Today: Between Freedom, Competition, and Responsibility“, the scientist will explain how the relationship between freedom and responsibility is today severely threatened by fierce competition, by the excessive specialization of research activities of which few people have a comprehensive view of the problems, by the rapid increase in the number of researchers from countries with values ​​and cultures different from the Our cultures, from the complex interweaving of public and private research.

We will highlight that the right relationship between science and society is essential for scientific research to continue to be the engine of human progress.

Gianfranco Pacioni He is Professor of Materials Chemistry at the University of Milan Bicocca where he also served as the University’s Rector of Research and Director of the Department of Materials Science. It deals with the quantum theory of matter, with special reference to inorganic materials and their surfaces, metallic clusters (aggregates of a few atoms) and nanoparticles, and catalysis and photocatalysis. He is the author of more than 500 scientific publications. He graduated in Chemistry in Milan (1978), received his Ph.D. from Freie Universität of Berlin (1984), and worked at the IBM Research Center in Almaden, California, Polytechnic University of Munich, University of Barcelona, ​​University Paris VI and the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin. For his research he was awarded the Nasini Medal (1994) and the Pisani Medal (2017) from the Italian Chemical Society, the Federchimica National Prize (1996), the Humboldt Research Prize (2005), and the Pascal Medal from the European Academy of Sciences (2016). He is a member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, the European Academy, the European Academy of Sciences, the Lombard Academy of Sciences and Letters and an advisor to the Ministry of University and Research.

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All Freedom meetings will begin at 21:00. Entry is free, subject to availability. For information: Library 0541-618484 – IAT Misano 0541-615520.