The Italian flag is preparing to enter the cloud

The Italian flag is preparing to enter the cloud

there Italian science preparing to enter clouds thanks for the National Open Science Plan And within the program European Open Science Cloud , promoted by the European Commission and the European Open Science Cloud (Eosc) consortium, as part of the new Horizon Europe research framework programme. “The aim is to facilitate access to scientific data and information, and to make them open and accredited,” said the President of the National Research Council, Maria Chiara Carrozza, at the conference organized today in Rome by the Ministry of University, Research and Center, within the European Cooperation Esoc.

And so we move forward A global data space for European research aiming to achieve the Internet of scientific data and services to support the sun Open and transparent cooperation In favor of research, innovation and confidence in science. Javier López-Albacete of the European Commission’s Research Directorate said the biggest bet is getting more and more researchers to use the cloud. “Currently only 40% do,” he added, and “more than a third have never heard of the principles of the fair,” he added, referring to conducting research on principles according to which scientific data should be traceable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

It’s not going to be a simple or fast track: “There’s a kind of Move towards open science Carrozza said that the meeting is a process starting from research institutions and its goal is to create a cloud of scientific data and information at the national level and then at the European level.
“Bringing scientific data into the cloud naturally poses a cybersecurity problem: it all depends, he said, on the way the cloud is managed.”

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The €1 billion expected by Europe will allow the Eosc project to develop the necessary skills to bring scientific data and information to the cloud and only after this step is expected to create the cloud. With regard to Italy, this will be done in the context of the Digital Agenda, the government project focused on information technologies to promote innovation and economic growth.

If 2027 is the deadline set by the European Commission to bring science to the cloud, in fact “we will have to deal with a difficult international geopolitical situation – as Carrozza pointed out -“.

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