The Science Festival returns to “Perto” High School in Vibo Valentia

The Science Festival returns to “Perto” High School in Vibo Valentia

It was held yesterday at Liceo Scientifico “G. Berto “From Vibo Valentia-live on Facebook- Logo presentation for the 3rd edition of the Audacia Science Festival.” The event was attended by the Student Committee, School Principal Caterina Calabrese, Institute representatives and the artistic director of the Eugenio Mercury Festival.

“After two years of interruption due to the epidemiological situation, Liceo Scientifico was able to organize the long-awaited event again, and bring it to its third edition at the national level through partners and conferences with speakers from different regions of Italy – explain the organizers -. He was the special guest at the presentation On Thursday is the Scientific Director of the Margarita Hack Foundation, professor of semiotics and intelligence as well as expert in network theory and national security Marco Santarelli, with whom the school formed a partnership in 2022. It is precisely for this reason that the official presentation of the event will take place on Tuesday in Trieste, the approved city for Hack’s Margherita. The Institute and the Foundation organized various interventions at the festival that will be held inside the school structure in Vibo Valentia on the 28th, 29th and 30th of April.”

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