The incident with the coin is a lot of worry

The incident with the coin is a lot of worry

Yesterday Sunday, May 21, influencer Beatrice Valle said on Instagram that she had to run to the emergency room for little baby Azura, who had a small accident while playing. Here’s what happened.

A little mishap and a lot of anxiety Beatrice Valle: the daughter I visitborn of the story with her ex-husband Tronista Marco FantiniHe is afraid of his mother, due to a minor accident while playing.

Beatrice Valle, Azura’s Failed Adventure Story: “A great horror, but…”

And the influencer appeared on Instagram to share with her followers, through stories, the adventure she faced yesterday, Sunday, May 21. the valleyswho recently gave birth to her fourth daughter, young Matilda Luce, revealed to fans that she was due He ran to the hospital because of a minor accident that happened to his daughter, Azura Three years. In fact, while the little girl was playing Swallow a coinIt causes parental anxiety.

Beatrice He told all, when the emergency really did return, warning fans of his stay in the emergency room with a short message:

“We are in the emergency room because Azure swallowed a coin.”

Only when the situation resolves itself for the better, Beatrice She returned to tell the followers what happened, expecting it Fortunately, the child was fine And they were just terrified:

“Azzurra was in the bathroom with me and we were getting ready to go to lunch. She was playing with my bag where there were coins and cards. And when she threw this wallet over to her, her mouth was open and she immediately went to put a dime down his throat. Fortunately, it was a very small penny and it didn’t get stuck.” , but it went down. It was a dime, fortunately. But we were in the hospital until recently.”

husband too Marco FantiniA few weeks ago he talked about a small domestic incident, which was resolved in a short time, which caused him to rush to the hospital: after spending a sleepless night, due to the crying of little Azura, the former Tronista suffered a slight head injury, after crashing into an open window.

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