Do you want to know if you have been banned on WhatsApp? A few clicks and instantly find out who did it

Do you want to know if you have been banned on WhatsApp?  A few clicks and instantly find out who did it

It is the number one messaging app in the world, and soon WhatsApp will also become an e-commerce in Italy. You can do anything with it, even block accounts. Let’s find out how.

Around 2 billion users, none of them like WhatsApp. An instant messaging app for chatting, making phone calls, sharing photos, and downloading attachments: text and video files.
Mark Zuckerberg decided to turn it into a electronic tradeallowing the user to purchase directly from the app.

WhatsApp, you can do everything with it. Also Ban Accounts –

Function , In the testing phase he departed from Brazil, is spreading like wildfire in all countries of the world and in the near future it will also be available in Italy: no doubt, if anything, one can only ask when. That’s it.

The features are many, directly proportional to those who use them, directly or indirectly, to annoy others. Thus, WhatsApp allows you to block a contact, which is the best way to stop them from calling or sending you messages. The choice of instant messaging app since 2014 that belongs to Mark Zuckerberg’s extended family, to make this a fuzzy “cluster function”.: There is no item actually to select to block someone. But we can still get to the final block.

lock indicators

There are some Indicators that let you know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp: In the chat window, you no longer see information about the contact’s online status or recent access, you will see the same profile picture, even if the contact has obviously changed it.

whatsapp status
WhatsApp, no certainty (required in the name of privacy) but many block indicators – ILoveTrading

You always only see one check mark in the message you’re sending, never the second, nor the double blue check mark. The calls are also an indication of possible blocks: If you try and they don’t startIt could also be that you have been banned, other than some other technical issue.

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The first thing to do is check the user’s “last seen” status. Why? Because it is a message that is updated every time that user opens WhatsApp and tells you the last time they used the app. Although there is no exact way to know if they update their profile picture, if you know that this contact updates their picture often, But you don’t see the change, the odds that it has blocked you are huge. another way? Try adding a contact to a group. I can not? Help yourself! The odds of him blocking you are somewhere between 99% and 99.9%.

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