Barbara d’Urso, Mediaset wants it for La Pupa and Nerdy: the requests

Mediaset’s courtship will continue at a fast pace to make it happen Barbara Dorso for behavior Bubba and NerdyThe program that the presenter does not despise. On his terms, however,

Since Italia 1’s reality show is back in formula The Pupa and Nerdy and vice versa The TV studio is gone, the daytime is gone, and so is the live broadcast. The things Barbara Dorso would like to take back as she arrives away from the last two editions entrusted to Paolo Ruffini and Andrea Pucci.

According to Giuseppe Candela, DagosbyaThe applicant would have made some requests before signing the contract. Which? TV studio, live broadcast, jury return and the presence of some important personalities in the competition.

Barbara Dorso Towards La Pupa and Nerdy: Caruso and Monsè in the Cast?

No disrespect for behavior The Pupa and Nerdy and vice versa Federica Panicucci was also premature. “If the company thinks maybe my participation can be an added value to this program, I will make myself availableHowever, his name will never be taken into account.

Ephra Bababile pupa The Pupa and Nerdy and vice versa Not to underestimate the presence of Paola Caruso (former permanent presence of Barbara Dorso’s Living Rooms) And Maria MonetHis columnist. The latter has also been proposed to participate.

“If I was going to do a third GF to prove who I was? Why not, I went for ransom. I wanted to show who I was and didn’t get the chance. I found myself in a whirlwind of hatred and people against me. So of course yes, I’ll do it again. Once I left. Home, I could have said ‘I’m going to put a stone on it’ but that’s not how I do it again. But I can also do L’Isola dei Famosi, I’ve never left anything out. Bubba and Nerdi? Why not? I enjoy doing this work and love That, I don’t feel superior to these radio shows.Everyone who participates in these shows has the desire to make TV.

Maria Mons thinks of L’Isola dei Famosi, La Pupa and Nerdy, then admits: “Here’s who the worst GF Vip is”

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