García: “Kafara is on the bench, that’s why. Raspadori, Natan, Vega, Oliveira and penalties…”

García: “Kafara is on the bench, that’s why. Raspadori, Natan, Vega, Oliveira and penalties…”

Penalties, Osimhen, Raspadori, Kafara, Anguisa, Di Lorenzo, Natan: Garcia responds like this after Napoli’s victory over Sassuolo.

to Dazen And at the press conference, Napoli coach Rudy Garcia He spoke after the victory over Sassuolo. Here are the statements of individuals, and not only, that I quoted All of Naples“Did Osimhen come off angry? He’s right. The goal wasn’t just to win: we didn’t concede goals, we played well, but we could have done better in attack as well. However, to score more, you have to score.” We had to score. And tonight we weren’t very precise. From 30 to 45 minutes we left the ball too much for Sassuolo. Too bad for Rasbadori: I’m sorry about the post, not about the penalty kick everyone missed.”

Jesus and Nathan – “Natan needs time, and he has to learn football and the language, and he has to adapt. I see him as less shy. Between Juan Jesus and Ostegaard, I chose the experience of the first. He responded very well in the first two matches.” He’s the captain of this team.”

Raspadors – “Giacomo can play in a three-man position behind the striker: he can do everything in attack. I’m sure he’ll score and give a lot of assists. He has to be used, I’m happy with him because he also works a lot for him.” the team”.

The second penalty – “Did Osimhen leave him the penalty kick? Absolutely yes, it was a great gesture.” So Osimhen at that moment was the first to take the penalty kick, after he also hit the first ball, but he was not on the field infidelsSo the question remains.

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