FarmacistaPiù 2023, theme of Science, Efficiency, Innovation and Proximity

FarmacistaPiù 2023, theme of Science, Efficiency, Innovation and Proximity

Rome, June 30 – Official presentation, on June 28, of the 10th edition of FarmacistaPiù, the national conference promoted by Federfarma, the Francesco Cannavò Foundation and Utifar sponsored by the National Federation of Orders of Pharmacists. The event will take place in Rome on October 19th in the historic Sistine Wings of Santo Spirito of the Hospital Sacia (in the picture), To follow up online on October 20 and 21, you will discuss and develop the topic “Science, efficiency, innovation and proximity; the pharmaceutical protagonist of a new alliance for NHS efficiency”where they had the opportunity to advertise Andrea Mandellifofi chief, Mark KosuluPresident of Federfarma Luigi d’Ambrosio LeteriCanavo Foundation President Ed Eugene LeopardiPresident of Otivar during the official presentation.

At the heart of the three-day conference will be the profession of pharmacist, with a focus on New ways of collaborating and synergizing with the health system and emphasizing the importance and evolution of new professional challenges after the pandemic.

“In the context of the changing health system, pharmacists have been able to acquire an absolutely central role in all areas in which they practice their profession, establishing themselves as competent and reliable personalities, fully integrated into the health care system, capable of providing services, essential to the health of Italians and supportive of the NHS” In this regard, Mandelli said, highlighting the role of FarmacistaPi “An important opportunity to explore the most important scientific and professional topics, but also to discuss the future challenges that lie ahead with institutions and all players in this sector.

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The concept was reaffirmed by the president of the Kosulu Pharmacy Owners Association, who spoke of the conference as an opportunity To discuss topics of great importance and closely related to category. Pharmacies have amply demonstrated that they know how to quickly and effectively manage the changes imposed by the context we live in.”

For D’Ambrosio Lettieri (in the picture), the courage and dedication of the pharmacy profession to be able to adapt to changes is now fully realized, in light of the evidence provided by pharmacists in every work environment, in the hospital, in the pharmaceutical service and in the territory of: “We have shown that we are faithful professional communicators, credibility as well as community pharmacyIt has enhanced its function as a nearby health facility and gateway to health services.”

For his part, Chief Utifar Leopardi reiterated a firm belief, namely that The true driver of a new alliance between pharmacy and citizen and with the NHS lies in the strong enhancement of the professional skills of each individual colleague. So training geared to the new needs of the citizen becomes fundamental so that we can play the role that many have asked of us and that we have been coveting for some time, that of representing a garrison on the ground that is increasingly being included in the NHS.“.

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