The green Oscars night for William (who sees US President Biden) –

The green Oscars night for William (who sees US President Biden) –
From Enrica Rodolo

Named Jfk’s Boston Library meeting, then Royal William and Kate Foundation’s Earthshot Awards Night. Onstage in the Boston Stars and The Greens “Champions”.

A meeting between two “royal families”: the House of Windsor represented by William, Prince of Wales. and Caroline Kennedy, daughter of John F. Kennedy, now the US ambassador to Australia, who accompanied King Charles’ son on a visit to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston to meet with US President Joe Biden.

A meeting in a library place named after the American president who was assassinated in Dallas, which British and American diplomats have been working on in recent days. This is embodied during Biden’s arrival, after the state visit of France’s Macron, to Massachusetts, where he was welcomed by Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, to participate in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Boston.

Windsor and Kennedy Camelot Company. Caroline Kennedy greeted William with a handshake in the afternoon. Curiosities: when in 1981 Charles flew alone with the prince to the United States, the bow of the White House chief of ceremonies to the heir to King George III (from whom the American colonies were liberated) caused a stir.

It is the House of Windsor tradition, everything – as in May it would be for the coronation of Charles III and as it was for the funeral of Elizabeth II – always tried and tried again until it is perfected.

Then, in a week, the spotlight will shift to another Kennedy, Robert’s daughter Kerry, who will give the Sussexes the Ripple of Hope Award in New York.

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