A love journey between Puglia and the United States told by Dell’Olio

He tells us a long journey of love Mario del OleoIn the book “Letters from Italy” through the correspondence exchanged by the people from 1950 to 1952, Orazio del Oleo And Nicoletta de Pettitoboth of them grew up in BIGGLYIn the period in which the first emigrated and the other lived Apulia. The letters formed the basis of a journey that began with an image that came to pass by the hand of Horace, who lived in it. New Yorkwhich portrayed Nicoletta with relatives from Bisgley. That photo was the spark that sparked the love that remained in the heart of Orazio (Larry) until his death in 2010, and that continues to fill Nicoletta’s life today, Tina Friends and Family, 90. Mario del Olio was born in United States of America He lives in New York where he holds the position of Music and Choir Director and Ethics Instructor at the prestigious Marymount School, which issues a higher degree and prepares for undergraduate studies. He has always lived in the United States, including New York, and Connecticut and the California, Virgin Islands. But his Italian roots are clear, evident, in Reconstruction through the letters of the story of his parents, who are committed to bringing their families to American luxury. Situations that are hard to imagine today, especially if we consider the speed with which relationships are born and unravel, and the language that accompanies them. Orazio Dell’Olio (Larry) wrote in the early days of 1950 in the letter (delivered through relatives) to Nicoletta Di Bitetto: “My dear Miss, I really hope you will allow me to write to you because I feel in my heart that I am in love with you. So I hope you will accept this dream of love that has not yet begun between us. I will be very proud to be able to write to you. You should know that I have always dreamed of having a beautiful girl from my hometown. I would like to have a family and my dream is to buy a house here in New York , not an apartment. It will be full of fine furniture, radio, television, and many fine things to be found in America.” Nicoletta’s response is detailed on January 10: “Dear Horace, through my cousin Nina, I received the letter of declaration. From the letter, I understand that your desire is the fulfillment of your greatest dream as you say. I hope to meet a young man who will accompany me all my life, a really good, reliable and kind-hearted man, He knows how to understand me.”

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The two letters are transcribed in Italian in the book, while the story of Mario dell’Oglio is written in English. With the aim of publishing an Italian language edition as soon as possible. Orazio and Nicoleta knew the hardships of life in Bisgli and in Southern ItalyEither on a personal level or through their parents. They have already dealt with immigration in the past. Larry’s father, Francesco del Oglio, left Bisgli in 1912 to seek work in America. Francesco di Pettito, Nicoletta’s father, emigrated in 1938 from Bisgli to Rhodes, when the island was an Italian colony. The Mario del Olio story revolves around the messages between Larry and Tina and between Tina and her father. The author depicts Italy’s difficulties during Fascism, feeling its weight through the story of his mother who first lived through conditions of relative luxury as a child and then as an orphan forced to abandon his expectations of a comfortable life and his aspirations to attend higher education courses. Mario highlights in the book’s introduction: “Through letters to and from Italy, I tell the story of immigrants seeking a better life in the land of opportunity. An omnipresent search. Names and details change, but the dream remains the same. That is why taking the stories I heard Hundreds of times placing them in history has provided an insight into the severity of war and the horrors of fascism and Nazism. Italian economic crises At the beginning of the twentieth century, to understand how a brutal dictator could come to power and gain the approval of ordinary citizens. I learned more about my country, the United States, and the opportunities it offered to hungry immigrants, as well as the biases and pitfalls they encountered in pursuit of their dreams. Their history is steeped in the history of Italy and the United States. Through learning about my parents’ past, I learned what it meant to be a first-generation American.” Tina’s mother’s stories helped Mario Del Olio to remember what it was like and how people lived in Bisglei in the 20th century. The author also talks about the occupation of the Germans at the end of the twentieth century World War IIfrom Villa Ciardi in Bisceglie, where he was also a guest Benito Mussolini. It is the former palace located in the old city, where he stayed in the summer Lucrezia BorgiaDaughter of Pope Alexander VI. More: The story of Mario Dell’Oglio frames Bisgli’s life even before World War II, through his mother’s memories. He recalls the work of the fishermen, “the procession of brightly colored boats bound for the Adriatic to pick up some of his vineyard.” Again ‘Norman influence in the harbour’, where ‘the fishermen’s families had fair skin and green and blue eyes. The citizens of Bisgley were distinctly different from many other towns in the south.’ But the crisis during the outbreak was unsustainable. Immigrants were growing day by day, families torn apart, in search of a piece of bread, before happiness. Larry and Tina have also been able to find happiness and provide opportunities for their children, as evidenced by the career history of Mario Del Olio.

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