“10 points behind Trump”: The poll condemns Biden

“10 points behind Trump”: The poll condemns Biden

A little less than a year American ElectionsPolls consistently reveal a fluctuating trend in American voters’ preferences, both within parties and among the main contenders. About what is still seen as the main battle, that is, the battle between them Joe Biden And Donald Trumpwhich priorityWhat is necessary in the current situation It seems to be holding up until the summer appears to be winding down as the President prepares to deal with the old case of the President.isolation. Many Slipwhich has not decreased in the past few hours, raising suspicions that the president may now be ineligible for reappointment due to exceeding the minimum age.

US Election: What the latest poll says

second The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, Biden will be ten points behind Trump (42% vs. 52%) if the US elections take place within the next few hours. An innovation that dramatically shifts the center of gravity of a primary campaign, promising a spark, an exception compared to all the other polls that have indicated a tie and neck all summer. The poll shows how the president continues to lose his popularity in light of dissatisfaction with his administration of the countryEconomy and migration (See New York is a mess), but also in relation to this case Ukraine: A growing number of Americans say Washington is doing too much to help Kiev and rearm its army.

They remain a staple of Complaints There are widespread concerns about it the elderly. More than 3 in 5 Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say they prefer a candidate other than the outgoing president. But Biden’s advisers argue that he will stay on anyway The most powerful Democrat of 2024 and the only credible oneDespite everything, given the other announced candidates.

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However, those who want a last-minute alternative (8%) suggest the vice president Kamala Harris(8%) Senator Bernie Sanders Or simply (20%) “someone else” because they are tired of the usual numbers. Trump is now in a strong position nationally despite facing multiple criminal disputes: However,…isolation Biden’s victory is a point in his favor, an unexpected element that contributed to settling the situation, even partially Pedigree Elect both.

Trump is favored by 54% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, compared to 51% recorded in May. Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis It comes in second place at 15%, down from 25% in May. Behind them, only Republicans, even notorious ones, trail behind them: no other Republican reaches double figures. Trump is also ahead of his Republican rivals in recent state polls, which are likely to provide more reliable indicators than national polls about how the Republican race will fare in the coming months.

to’isolation Possible slowdown of Biden’s candidacy in the US elections

In the same poll, voters were also asked to express their opinions on the issue isolationAlthough the process is currently still in its infancy. Here too, the odds are against the outgoing president: 58% of interviewees say he should be treated and tried like all other citizens. But the percentage of those who believe that Biden was a victim of injustice by his political opponents decreased to 32%.

Public opinion appears to be evenly divided on whether Congress should begin this process isolation Before the engines of the American elections heat up even more, with 7 out of 10 Republicans supporting this measure; On the other hand, 8 out of 10 Democrats say they are against it, and describe the process as “political.” This is also why overall approval remains at about the May level (37%), but lower than in February, when it was 42%. The poll also found Biden’s disapproval rating at 56%, a number that is in line with recent polls and appears to damage the good reputation Democrats gained last year after the midterm elections.

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There is, too Ecology American voters rejected him

The same analysis asked whether American citizens, in retrospect, then approved of Trump’s performance as president. The result was 48% disapproval and 49% strong support for White House policies before 2021. Americans appear primarily to regret the country’s management of the economy polepointing with his finger at Ecology: Voters will not forgive the incumbent president even though the latter has spent the past few weeks promoting and defending his strategy: low unemployment, infrastructure spending, combating climate change, and sector-related investments. green.

Elements that not all US voters seem to appreciate, also in light of donations to Kiev: concerns overEconomic inflation Which devours the purchasing power of millions of American families, pushing approval of current economic policies to 30%, the lowest percentage during his presidency. It is the factor that leads 3 out of 4 interviewees to reject the technical state of the US economy, though Unemployment rate It remained below 4% for most of the year.

After that, 57% of citizens described employment policies as negative. The Biden presidency is also receiving rejection in terms of the gas and energy market (87% prices are now amazing), but above all in oil prices. foodstuffs (91% of negative opinions) which mainly affects single-income families living below the poverty line. All the issues the Republican Party promised to fight in the US elections within a year, and throughout the primaries.

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