The child is crying in the restaurant, and the couple asks to change the table. And my mother insults them

The child is crying in the restaurant, and the couple asks to change the table.  And my mother insults them

Children who cries at Resturant, How to behave? Fueling the discussion is the story of a young couple fathers and mothers who after a long time decides to indulge in a romantic dinner at a posh restaurant, leaving his son with one baby sitter. When you get to the restaurant, you find a family at the next table with a baby who won’t stop crying. After a while, the couple asks to change the table to be quieter, at which point a violent argument breaks out with the child’s mother, who starts crying in complaining and insulting the two table neighbours.

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A crying child in a restaurant, an offended couple

“My husband and I went out to dinner a couple nights ago. It was our first time alone after our baby was born. It’s my second child, and my husband’s first, so it wasn’t easy to decide to do it. We got a babysitter and went to a very nice, elegant restaurant. After a few Minutes from ordering, another couple sat at the table next to us with a Small child in the stroller. It was fine at first but after a few minutes the baby started crying. They tried to console him, but every time it seemed like they managed to put him to sleep, he woke up crying again.” The couple then asked the waiter to change tables to explain the situation.


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At this point, though, it is A fight broke out: The child’s mother started crying and insulted the woman who asked to change the table because of her son’s crying. The user continued in his long post: “He went on to say that I probably don’t have kids (I have two!), that kids are people too and we just have to accept that kids can be noisy and cry.” reddit, He narrated it in turn, and then answered without taking too long. “I didn’t want to start a fight or anything, but I was really upset with her attitude, so I told her that if she wanted to do something about the crying: she could take her baby home so he could sleep peacefully and let the others also enjoy dinner.”

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