Sassari is there, and then Olimpia Milano finds the real Datum again: it’s 2-0

Sassari is there, and then Olimpia Milano finds the real Datum again: it’s 2-0

The second half starts with three shieldswhich basket of daw. After a nice basket of NapierAnd Stephens It still hurtOlympia Mark the passage of another alley in the series, and sign the new -1 Dynamo. Voigtmann He scored an important triple in the middle of the third quarter, giving his team a new lead, before the basket shields. there Dynamo Sassari You still want to stay in the game, not raise the white flag and find a basket with it Bendisius. Give me He picks up where he left off and scores a +6 basket, but the Sardinians are still downstream: at the end of the third quarter the score is 60-56. The fourth period begins with three times more than usual Give me, signed by Milano +7. there Dynamo Sassari Now he seemed to have less energy, and showed a bit of aggressive clarity in the opening minutes of the fourth period. Still Give me With a triple +8 Olympia, proving once again that he knows how to raise his bar when the game really matters. In the middle of the fourth periodOlympia Milan Try to escape with shieldswith the forums It is a factor of up to +10. there Dynamo Sassari With two consecutive triples it shortens the gap, however Napier New +8 signs. The escape failed, with Sardinians 4 points back with 1.45 from the end and ball in hand. Jones Misses an important shot, but there is a foul in the attack before Napier. daw Scores -2 Sassari at 46″, but then it sends to the line Napier Which makes it 0/2, with a subsequent throw-in by Milan for a deflection Bendisius. Still Napier in line, this time with a 2/2 for +4 Milan in 14″. Bendisius 1/2 of the view, baron 2/2 and the match is closed permanently. L’Olympia Milan He also won game #2 80-75.

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Olympia Milano Dinamo Sassari (13-19, 39-38, 60-56, 80-75)

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L’Olympia Milan He will return to the field for Game 3 of the LBA Qualifiers against the Dynamo Sassari Thursday, June 1 at 21.00, with the series moving to palacyradimine. Then, if necessary, Race 4 is scheduled for Saturday 3 June at 21.00, obviously still in Sardinia.

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