The gates closed. The Israeli army is preparing to enter the Strip

The gates closed.  The Israeli army is preparing to enter the Strip

They all seem to agree on the words: There is no more time to waste in opening a humanitarian corridor through which they can leave. Gaza Thousands of citizens are terrified by bombs and the arrival of the Israeli “wild storm,” and Israeli terrorists are practically using them as human shields. agitation Who hide and place rocket and missile launching pads among civilians, schools, hospitals and places of worship. But behind the official statements there is no shortage of nuances and even conditions that make this evacuation plan impossible. Egyptian ones, even if not officially confirmed, which will request a ceasefire from Israel. As for the Hamas members who reject any opportunity, they do not think about the fate of their people as much as they think about their need to avoid a real mass flight of the entire people. Strips.


Cairo Initially, he said he was ready to open the Rafah crossing, south of the Gaza Strip, but only to allow the entry of fuel, medicines, goods and food, which are now running out after the blockade imposed by Israel (which has confirmed that it intends to enter Gaza). Continue the embargo until the hostages are released.) But the Egyptian government itself explains that it has many reservations about opening the opposite path, which is the path that exits Gaza. In fact, Egyptian security services have warned ministries of the dangers of mass exodus towards the peninsula Sinai. There are already many refugees, among other things. But the pressures in these past few hours have become much stronger, and yesterday Cairo announced, through a memorandum from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that “the crossing has never been closed since the beginning of the current crisis and is therefore open to travelers.” Traffic”, but is currently unusable because “the buildings on the Palestinian side were destroyed by Israeli bombing.” Therefore, the Jewish State is asked to “avoid targeting” that area. This shift of responsibility shows the difficulty of reaching a quick solution to the issue while negotiations continue, which is Hamas itself confirms this Ghazi HamadA prominent representative of the Islamic organization was interviewed by Al Jazeera. In fact, it is an obstacle to the possibility of civilians reaching safety before the imminent ground operation announced by the Israeli army: “No to the humanitarian corridor, because it will be a permanent displacement – as the militias said – that will force the Palestinian people to abandon their homeland.” It is clearly for the best Using civilians as human shields.

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In Israel’s war, an elite Hamas unit that invaded the country was bombed: elite fighters were forced to ambush and take hostages

the situation

As we try to emerge from the quagmire, the number of displaced people is increasing. The number of those who left their homes reached 340,000, an increase of 75,000 from the previous day. What drives them towards safer places, in addition to air strikes, is precisely the imminent start of ground action. Constant warnings issued by the Israeli army. After “roof knocks”, that is, light bombs dropped by the air force on the roofs of buildings to warn of the arrival of a much larger operation and to warn the building’s residents, Israeli military strategists yesterday violated the TV channel Al-AqsaOwned by the Islamic Organization, it interrupts the broadcast to launch a new appeal. “Hamas destroyed the Gaza Strip, and took its leaders to safe places – a clear voice said in Arabic – now protect yourselves: you must evacuate your homes and go to safer places because the strike will be fatal.”

Constant raids

The bombing from the sky continues and does not stop. On the fifth night after the attack and the horrors of the Hamas butchers – which had been prepared for two years – the Gaza Strip became more ghostly after the closure of the only power plant that provides electricity to all populated centers, and with the light of day the devastation appears with all its evidence. Destroyed buildings exceed a thousand, rubble of buildings everywhere. The Gaza Ministry of Health says the death toll will be 1,400, including more than 400 children or minors and 250 women.

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The Israeli army said that the targets struck may now reach more than 3,600, and the number of bombs dropped will be more than six thousand. In practice, 4,000 tons of explosives were thrown on the ground. Along 41 kilometers of the border, tanks and armored vehicles are still stationed, and troops, infantry, armored units, artillery, and reserve soldiers who have arrived from different parts of the world and number about 300,000 soldiers are deployed. The storm seems closer and closer.

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