“I’ve been to Mariupol” – Libero Quotidiano

“I’ve been to Mariupol” – Libero Quotidiano

“A special military operation, not a war.” We call us Fredricksona very famous Russian journalist on a TV owned by the Ministry of Defense, guest-starred on Lilli Gruber a half past eight La7 day confirms the official version of the president Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is forbidden to talk about the war in Ukraine.

“We’re still having a war — Gruber replies, and her host has been a little offended — and then of course, there’s propaganda on both sides.” The Russian journalist is calm, but far from submissive and self-confident. “It’s hard to think that what you’re telling us isn’t propaganda, because your television is owned by the Department of Defense, which is central to this story,” Gruber wrote.

Russian Fredrikson vs. Gruber and Feltre: Watch the video of Otto e Maison

“Look, in this study, I am the only person in this study who was a Mariupol In the Donbass. Did any of you go to Mariupol? Did any of you see what happened? ‘ asks Fredrickson controversially. The other guests, from the manager tomorrow Stefano Feltri for university president Tommaso MontanariThey start mumbling between the disrespectful and the aggrieved. “In what way did you go to Mariupol? As a reporter or with the Russian army? Did you talk to the Ukrainians?”

“No, I have to do DonetskI took the car and went to Mariupol. People asked my questions, that’s it. People say what they have seen and heard. I don’t know how you know the propaganda and the truth, but none of you have gone to Mariupol or Donetsk, you don’t know how they have lived for the past eight years and you still tell me what your American friends say. ”

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