Singing in WhatsApp statuses: If you haven’t done it yet, this is how it’s done!

Singing in WhatsApp statuses: If you haven’t done it yet, this is how it’s done!

Did you know that you can add voice messages to WhatsApp statuses? Here’s how to do it, you’ll be speechless and never do without it again.

WhatsApp is constantly updating To be more inclined to meet every type of need expressed by users. Perhaps this is the secret that allowed the platform to establish itself in first place in the world and maintain this reputation for years. According to what appears, the developer team is continuing to work from this perspective There are some interesting changes coming in the next few months.

WhatsApp status, so you can add voice notes –

In particular, among the tools that have been introduced in recent months Countries worth mentioning. Similar to Instagram and Facebook Stories, the messaging platform now also offers the ability to share short contents that stay online for 24 hours with everyone who has your number saved in their address book. Did you know that you can also add voice notes? Heres how to do it.

Voice Notes in WhatsApp Status: Here’s how to do it

Voice notes can now also be added to WhatsApp statuses. An additional tool that will certainly please all those who usually publish content that lasts for 24 hours to share with their friends, relatives and colleagues who have contacts saved in their address book. To access this feature, just use a few quick steps, and you’re done!

Voice notes on WhatsApp and how to add them to statuses
You can easily add voice notes, here’s how –

The first thing you need to do is open the messaging app and Click on the updates icon Located in the bottom toolbar. At this point, you will find the button to create new content. Click on it and it will open the camera to take a photo or record a video to post as a status.

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Do it instead Swipe up from bottom to top And you’ll be able to access the window with all the tools at your disposal to customize everything. Among many, with the latest updatePossibility of inserting voice notes! Lasts a maximum of 30 seconds.

And that’s not all because, again, through this update, the option will now be made available Hide content For one or more people of your choice. For greater privacy than ever which WhatsApp developers have been working on for years. The global rollout began in recent days, if you don’t have it yet, just wait.

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