Erdogan: There is no explanation for the massacre in Gaza. NATO swears: “Instead of reducing tensions, the United States sends warships.”

Erdogan: There is no explanation for the massacre in Gaza.  NATO swears: “Instead of reducing tensions, the United States sends warships.”

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is “a fire that may spread to the rest of the region.” This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a conference broadcast by the state TV channel Trt. Erdogan’s vision for the war in the Middle East is clear and deviates from the combined bloc […]

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The conflict between Israel And Palestine And “a fire Than he risks broadens To the rest of the region.” This is what the Turkish President said Recep Tayyip Erdogan During a conference broadcast on state television Thai Rak Thai Party. Erdogan’s vision War in the Middle East Clear and separate from the combined Allied bloc: “There can be no explanation for it Attacks on Gaza who have reached A level massacre“. “in Gaza No water, no bread All of this contradicts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Where is the west?The Turkish President added. Statements that threaten – once again – to be a source of rift even within the international community child. In fact, the Turkish leader is arguing directly with Washington. “Instead of reducing tension – the Turkish President confirms – The United States is adding fuel to the fire send Warships In the Mediterranean sea“States are obligated to defend human rights under the laws of war, and unfortunately we are witnessing the gradual erosion of this basic obligation on the part of Israel.” Turkey had already announced yesterday that it was ready to send humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip: “The situation in the region is very complex, and in “Current conditions make it very difficult to send aid there,” a defense official said today, quoted as saying Reuters.

While at the NATO table, Erdogan divides the front in support of Tel Aviv, and on the other side, Erdogan confirms – during a phone call with the German Chancellor Olaf Schulz – Turkey is a candidate to act (as has already happened with the war in Ukraine) as a mediator to put an end to the crisis between Israel and Palestine. The Turkish President has already spoken today with his counterpart on the phone The United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Stressing that “de-escalation” will be possible through “positive” steps by the international community, especially the countries of the region.

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Only today, among others, the Islamic Party Huda Barwhose representatives were elected in a coalition withAcp Erdogan held a press conference inside the Ankara Parliament with Bassem NaeemMember of the Hamas movement and head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Gaza. The last in recent days, in an interview with Sky NewsHe had stated that no Israeli civilian was killed in the massacre carried out by the Islamists who are in power in the Gaza Strip. Reem Music Festival.

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