A terrible accident for a dancer, her condition is frightening

A terrible accident for a dancer, her condition is frightening

Members Friends 21 They are certainly counting the days remaining for the final on Sunday 15 May, which ended with six contenders instead of five due to a ‘tie’ between Serena and Albee. It was the same as a host friendsMaria de Filippi to explain to the contestants that counting the votes revealed an equal advantage. “It’s up to you to decide who will make it to the final.”said the host, who did so immediately by removing all the embarrassment from Serena and Albee, allowing both to reach the final scheduled for Sunday 15th. Friends 21 It was supposed to air on May 14, but then, at the request of Maurizio Costanzo’s wife, it was postponed to the next day so that it would not be broadcast on the same day as the final.Eurovision Song Contest. Serena and Alps’ joy was clearly immense, even if Serenola’s dancer had to deal with an unhappy moment in the semifinals.

Serena was, in fact, the protagonist of an accident that alarmed the audience and everyone in the studio of the famous talent show. In fact, the dancer reported a wound on her chin: at first it wasn’t serious or alarming, but when Serena started bleeding, people started to fear that the situation might be worse than expected. Fortunately, a quick examination was enough to confirm that the dancer, led by Lorela Cocarini and Raimundo Todaro, had a superficial wound. Moments later, things were back to normal and Serena Karella’s fans were very relieved. Serena entered the final with singers Luigi and Alex Walp, singer Cissy and dancer Michelle. This year also an excellent job was done by my teachers friendswhere the image of Alessandra Celentano stands out as always and is now a constant presence in the program implemented by Maria de Filippi for many years.

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There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the foolishness being circulated on the network, according to which Alessandra Celentano will be ready to leave. friends After the end of this edition. The indiscretion that the choreographer himself categorically denied. “I don’t think about it, the show has become my family – Alessandra Celentano admitted New TVIt’s a job I love and it never gets boring.” The parameter is often criticized for its approach, which some consider to be too harsh. In this regard, Celentano is also very clear: “I am at peace with myself – Always in the interview with NuovoTV – I know everything I’m saying is the truth, so I don’t have to blame myself for anything. There is no point in boys deceiving themselves because sooner or later they will hit their heads on their own.”

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