Maurizio Costanzo, after the betrayal farewell arrived: “The situation was incurable”

Maurizio Costanzo, after the betrayal farewell arrived: “The situation was incurable”

Some discoveries have been made regarding Maurizio Costanzo and the situation that led to the story being now irretrievable. But what happened in the life of one of the most famous journalists on the Italian scene?

Maurizio Costanzo He’s also famous as a journalist Maria de Filippi’s husband. For years now, the two have shared their lives by sharing the joys and sorrows. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that Maurizio Costanzo had another in the past important relationshipa love story that Maria de Filippi has had nothing to do with until now.

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The protagonist of the heart of the well-known journalist at the time was the one who is currently participating in the program Dancing with the stars as such competitor. Women in the nineties were able to do that Revolutionizing the history of Italian television through the program marriage agency. Now he finds himself living a new adventure with Gabriel Jarco and hostess Millie Carlucci.

Unexpected revelation

Obviously we’re talking about Marta Fluffya woman who was in the past severe Love Affair with Maurizio Costanzo. 1989 was the year that Marta Fluffy has been a hit Specifically with the marriage agency program.

she was dating show Where feelings were heroesI have made several marriages, respect the feelings of others, without resorting to tearing, and never exaggerate the search for humorous ideas in certain stories with an unexpected background of pain and internal struggles: a correct choice, given that my transition lasted seven years.”

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This was the look he saw Marta Fluffy Management and Maurizio Costanzo Productions. The two actually chose the following year get married Even if there is a short time later a file divorce Precisely because Maurizio Costanzo met Maria de Filippi along his way. And so there Channel 5 Queen Not only did he get Maurizio Costanzo’s heart but that too TV space Which a little earlier was occupied by Marta Flavi.

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I dreamed of Marta Fluffy You have a child In his life even if, as we read on In an interview with the ex-wife of Maurizio Costanzo open suffer Four miscarriagesThe situation was irreparable“This is what the presenter revealed when I talked about her Missing motherhood.

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