The Friends star no longer goes out and has lost significant weight: she was shocked by the death of Matthew Perry

The Friends star no longer goes out and has lost significant weight: she was shocked by the death of Matthew Perry

Antonella Clerici – – Source: web search

Antonella Clerici was left speechless, and this is what happened after the episode of the show. Truly unusual news.

Antonella Clerici is one of the presenters who currently enjoys the most success in terms of ratings. Her programs are very popular with television audiences, and she is entertaining thanks to her presence. A success that can be explained thanks to the simplicity with which Antonella presents herself to her audience.

A woman who is very close to all her viewers, who also follow her to pick up some little cooking tips of hers, it’s always midday, and it never fails. The historic presenter of La prova del cuoco, Clerici now takes the helm of this new program that immediately astonished the audience. She herself loves this format immeasurably, because here she manages to make some of her greatest passions coincide and coexist: television and, obviously, cooking as well as social media.

There were many well-known faces from kitchen and TV shows who found success in his film La prova del cuoco.And Simone Rogiati, Who took his first steps in the field of entertainment precisely in those studios. In short, a very successful broadcaster and in the last few hours she was the heroine of an event that made her very happy. Clerici was no longer in the skin, which is what happened after the incident.

Antonella Clerici This happened after the episode “It’s Always Midday”.

Antonella Clerici, who will soon return to her show The Voice, is the well-known face of a chain of supermarkets highly appreciated by Italian families for its presence throughout the peninsula, but also for the excellent quality-price ratio of the products. . Antonella lends her face to the announcement of this series and was the presenter of this collaboration Testimony of a great event.

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The supermarket chain we are referring to is MD, a discount store highly regarded by Italian families. A place that allows you to stay within the family budget to buy food. In a period of such a deep economic crisis, finding a place where you can find quality products at reasonable prices is almost a utopia.

Antonella Clerici General Director -

Antonella Clerici MD – – Source: web search

MD and Antonella Clerici’s new selling point is her godmother

On November 7 at Viale Munda in Milan Opening of the seventh MD store in the city, Present is only 185 in Lombardy. Area: 118,000 square meters. Antonella Clerici As a well-known face of the department store chain, she was present at the opening ceremony.

The broadcaster has arrived at the new location Around 2:30 p.m He showed his happiness at being the face of this series. In short, it was a celebration and fun event to discover the beautiful new centre. MD proves, as always, that it is in line with the desires of its clients.

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