Isola 16, Lucas Peracchi and a little quest for Mercedes fitness

Isola 16, Lucas Peracchi and a little quest for Mercedes fitness

The relationship between Lucas Perracci And the Mercedes Hinger Expired now in June 2021, When the girl herself announced her final breakup on social media. But, even though a year has passed since that moment, it seems there’s still some hate among the directors.

Lucas In fact, he recently came back to talk about his relationship with the current drowningFamous IslandUncovers a tale. We told you about it in This article. Now, once again, the former tronista of men and women answered a question from one of his followers who asked him: “As you see it physically mercedes?“.

His response wasn’t long, and in fact, made people on the web turn their noses up. LucasIn fact, he gave an unpleasant answer to his ex-wife, even posting two photos that could confirm what he was saying. Post two pictures of mercedes In a bathing suit, he compares the two shots and compares them. The first shot shows the drowning woman in Honduras, while the second shot shows the same in a photo from her Instagram profile. In these two pictures, Lucas he wrote:

That’s when I was training (actually). Now look atIsland And give yourself some answers. I haven’t trained on it for a year and a half. I don’t express my opinions (even if it’s my job) to avoid being accused of the opinion.

It should be noted, however, that the photo was taken and published Lucas It is a picture from the previous version ofFamous Island It is not the current version. mercedesActually, let’s remember, she did both versions but in the last one i.e. in 2017, the girl had not yet started her diet and sports path with her now ex-boyfriend.

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In fact, for several years now, Lucas Perracci He focused a lot on improving his physical appearance and continued his career as a personal trainer.

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