The free game may have already been unveiled on December 23, 2022 –

The free game may have already been unveiled on December 23, 2022 –

Not even free gamesEpic Games Store dated December 22, 2022, which has already been revealed Dec 23rd. According to what has been revealed, it will be about Encapsulated: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG Which, as the subtitle makes clear, is a hardcore RPG along the lines of Fallout, with a strong focus on player choices.

Only the first two Fallout and Fallout Tactics are the free games offered by the Epic Games Store today December 22, 2022. With Encased, they’re making three hardcore RPGs in three days, plus one strategy. Fans of the genre are sure to be delighted.

a Tactical science fiction RPG Set in a dystopian scenario, you will be able to fight against enemies, explore hostile wastelands, level up your character and join one of the factions of survivors who are cut off from the rest of society in a fractured world.

Join one of five CRONUS units, each with their own characteristics, mechanics, and gameplay options, and embark on a one-way journey to the dome to recover artifacts while avoiding radiation, anomalies, and a slew of creatures. The purpose of attacking you.

It will start from the bottom, and then become the driving force behind the events of the past, present and future of the disaster known as the Incident.

Create, Fight, Negotiate: If you really want to survive, you’re going to need all of your wits.

to have more informationRead our review of Encased.

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