Jalili the famous surgeon d. Paolo Macri

Jalili the famous surgeon d.  Paolo Macri

On the occasion of the seventh edition of the Science Festival, a meeting of fifth grade students with Dr. Galileo Galilei was held. Paolo Macro, a world-renowned thoracic surgeon.

The conference, which represented the second stage of a project carried out for guidance outside the second area useful function, in the persons of the professors. sse Accordino and Veltri, thanks to the foresight of the headmaster, Teresa Goffredo, was created to facilitate university orientation for students. The meeting allowed the students to understand the hardships, commitment and passion needed to try their hand at the medical profession, which is currently one of the favorites of the outgoing students at Galilee High School.

This physician, who boasts an impressive career in the branch of minimally invasive thoracic surgery, was recently the protagonist of a single-door thoracic robotic trial conducted alongside Dr. Diego González Rivas managed to diversify from the traditional approach to the most avant-garde surgical methods, which aroused strong interest from the listeners.

Also important was the discussion concerning the ethical side of the medical profession, which undoubtedly involves important sacrifices in the private sphere of emotions, as well as a strong sense of responsibility towards patients, who, as the doctor noted, are always the center of thoughts even outside the hospital.

It was exciting to observe the doctor’s passion in dealing with issues dear to him, but above all, it was amazing and moving to read a letter from a rescued former patient and to point to his deceased mother as the main driver of his professional commitment. .

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The professionalism and emotions conveyed by the physician certainly facilitated the choice of boys and helped paint a picture of a profession that was certainly rewarding, but that required a sense of absolute devotion to the patient and his needs on the part of those for whom it was decided to undertake.

Sincere thanks from all high school students go to Dr. Macro and the organizers of the meeting.

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