Weather: Polar bomb, with record-breaking snow and sleet

Weather: Polar bomb, with record-breaking snow and sleet

Europe is preparing to experience a non-winter Christmas after all, even with the African anticyclone over Italy, while North America has a very different weather situation. A strong wave of frost in the Arctic is sinking from Canada towards the United States of America.

A thermometer plunges for the Great Frost in the USA

The Christmas storm is already sweeping through the eastern central United States, bringing about an abrupt change in the weather. The violent Arctic front is already breaking through and It will be able to spread to the southern regions. Temperatures are dropping, with record lows already.

Almost no area of ​​the central and eastern states will be spared by blizzards and cold winds, starting in the Midwest. It is about locally One of the most severe cold and snow in the last 30-40 years. The acute phase will be reached on Christmas Eve.

I’m already there Numerous inconveniences due to blizzards, With more than 100 million residents in the United States struggling with alert conditions. The annoyances since Wednesday concern highway traffic especially in the northern US, while now the worst are in the Midwest. More than a thousand flights have been cancelled.

Hurricane bomb, that’s all there is to it

There is a possibility impending evolution from storm hazard to bombardment hurricanes, The term is used when the storm explosively deepens further with a pressure drop of at least 24 hPa over a 24-hour period. Tornado can drop to cathode 3 hurricane pressure values.

So the frostbite can acquire historical connotations. In Canada, peaks of -53°C have already been reachedbut within a few hours, the thermometer dropped to local values ​​around -30°C at various locations in Minnesota, Nebraska, Montana, North and South Dakota.

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Where the arctic front has not yet appeared, the deterioration brings temporary warmer air and rain. There is a possibility that this rain could quickly freeze to the ground in the sudden onset of star frost. Friday’s danger also affects areas such as New York.

In fact, there will be a sudden entry of isotherms at altitude (1500m) with values ​​as low as -25/-30°C which will undermine the pre-existing isotherms by +5/+10°C. Only over the weekend, and therefore between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, will frost spread to the easternmost states, While in the central states it will be possible to touch -40 degrees.

About 20% of the US population will experience temperatures below freezing, with Blizzard conditions and icy winds are life threatening. In fact, the wind chill factor must be taken into account, since temperatures much lower than the real ones will be perceived due to the wind.

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