We are the Robots: an exhibition in Florence between science and science fiction

a the star: space Nana Bianca in a Lungarno Soderini if you own From 3 to 19 December “we robots” exhibition in it Technology, future and culture they meet.

Show says robotics history, in dialogue between science and science fiction, through me modern myths of folk images, For new art and technologies: I’m a robot! R2D2, Goldrake, Gundam, Jeeg, Terminator, Evangelion, Astroboy, Daitarn 3 And many other things Notable Persons

Games, interactive fixtures, dioramas, artwork, original graphics They will tell what the robot has looked like through the ages and different points of view.

We are the robots It is a gallery designed for Creators seeking inspiration, fans of comics, animation and popular culture, social phenomenologists Or the simple enthusiast who grew up watching TV Japanese cartoons In the long afternoons after school.

in the program Talks with special guests and performances by musicians To engage the general public and the academic world at the same time.

Many artists who will be the protagonists of these events presented: Moira Ricci, Massami Soda, Zerocalcare, Roberto Riccioni, Joe Nagai, Roberto Ferrari, Lrnz, Junichi Hayama, Riccardo Moselli, Matteo Giampaglia, Luca Schiarotti, Fabio Angelini, Andrea Monttori, Francesco Michelini (Lapa Firenze).

The exhibition is sponsored by Francesco Ristor, President of the Florence Toy Museum, Within the cultural programming of the star, including Piero Fragola is the coach On behalf of the Feeling Cultural Association. Prepared by Andrea Inozzo Volpi and Florence Department of Architecture (DIDA).

RX-78 Gundam, Clover, Japan, 1979

All scheduled conversations and events

Opening scheduled for Friday December 3 It’s 16:00. The first introductory speech is entitled “The Impact of Japanese Animation on Italian Pop Culture”. Among the guests: Andrea Inocenzo Volpi, Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture in Florence (DIDA); Ikoko Sageyama, Professor of Japanese Language and Literature at the University of Florence. Eduardo Guerlini, Researcher in the Department of North African and Asian Studies at the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari, and he was invited as a researcher at Waseda University, Tokyo.

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Saturday 4th December At 6 p.m., on the other hand, the Musical performance by Maestro Andrea Boye Based on Violinist Vanessa Trippi, from the MNT Department of the Cherubini Conservatory in Florence (Acusmatica Project). In this live, the dialogue between electronic games creates a mixture of mutual contradictions and imitations; In particular, a set of games modified by circular bending (a random musical technique consisting of creating unexpected “short circuits” within the sound-generating board of a lo-fi device) is used to produce a semi-structured improvisation between a joke and a game.

The last weekend of the fair, more precisely Saturday 18th December, On time Live sound designer TULIOXI (Mattia Toliuzzi), with photos curated by Erica del Giudice and Alexandre Biondo. scum of the earth – That’s the name of the show – an audio journey that crosses the stereotypes of sci-fi cinema. A visual investigation into the dystopian “Post Atomic” cinema fantasy, which honors the genre’s clichés and analyzes their similarities and differences.

On the same day, to music DJ Gianluca Beccarizzi is also amazing (Roma Zoo) and Francesca Farale Cina (Zona Duba), both pioneers of hip-hop culture in Italy and part of the Tava Tava Collective, will join them Breakdance from Luca Minitti LED, Choreographer and world champion in this discipline.

Several other guests who will take turns in the schedule of talks scheduled during the duration of the exhibition. Among these: Roberto Riccione screenwriter and illustrator (Dylan Dog, Orphans, Cronache del Mondo Emerso, Cane Grinta); Lorenzo Fantoni Journalist at Wired, Vice, La Stampa and author of Living a thousand life (Effequ, 2020); Moira Richie artist, photographer, artist (round trip, other times, other legends, portraits. Inclusion of the feminine in contemporary Italian art, from dark to dark, real estate manipulation. How images redefine the word); Lorenzo Cicuti LRNZ illustrator and cartoonist (Golem, Astrogamma, Geist Maschine); Fabio Angelini Model maker Gundam (GUNPLA), finalist in Tokyo, official Bvlgari window decorating agent; Alessandro Randy Kodak Zombies, game designer, artist, video maker, skater, writer; Giovanni Pirantoni, architect, product designer, university professor, and member of ADI.

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Jeeg Robot, designed by Mr. Junichi Hayama

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