Milan – Rome, Bioli Conference

Milan – Rome, Bioli Conference

Rossoneri coach and goalkeeper problem: “Mike wants to come back but the muscle doesn’t respond as it should. Vasquez has a nice personality. Cup holder? We’ll see…”

“If you want to be happy, don’t look for perfection.” At the end of the Milan-Roma eve conference, Stefano Pioli finds an interesting starting point. He explains: “Having a perfect team is impossible, but we always try to improve to get more chances of winning. I see the right motivation in my players.” Speaking of flaws, there’s no good news about Mike Minnan’s recovery: “We still don’t have schedules, I can’t say when he’ll be back. Mike is very keen to come back but he knows the muscle still isn’t responding as it should.” It was known, but it remains a bad sign. In terms of goal choices, Pioli must look forward: “I spoke to Vazquez this morning, he has a good personality. Possible cup matches with Toro? We’ll see.”


So tomorrow night Milan announces itself with the same team from Salerno, with Diaz-de Cutleri polling 10. Pioli explains: “Potential youth players with Roma? Now giving continuity could be the right choice. As we were called, we will be as we are.” It’s the case in Salerno, and I hope in the next few days we’ll get someone back in the Coppa Italia. Zlatan will be back to work next week as planned.”

for Gianluca

However, the first thought at the conference was the memory of Gianluca Vialli: “I played with him in the U21s and often distinguished him – says Pioli -. We are losing a champion in sport and in life, because of the values ​​he always conveyed as a generous, correct, consistent, persistent person. It’s very sad. Gianluca was a lot, a lot of things.”

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the match

Milan and Rome, then. A great game, in which Pioli chooses as its main themes: “Roma is a strong, well-organised and complete team, with important attacking and physical qualities. Zaniolo? He has great technical and physical quality. We have to do better as a finalist but we are the team that opens the games more and that is important.” Salerno we were good at understanding what to do in attack, we’ll have to do it with quality and intensity tomorrow too.” On the defensive stage: “We will try to be careful defensively to occupy certain areas and be closer to the most dangerous opponents.” The Scudetto, at least officially, is still a long way off: “We’re not looking at the gap from Napoli, we’re making our race.” In all this, there is room for commenting on the old phrases of Mourinho, who said he was glad to have rejected Milan: “Everyone can express their opinions – as Pioli says – for me Milan was a great opportunity.”


Here and there, ideas and information for singles. De Cutlery: “Charles is ready both physically and mentally, and I’m very dependent on him.” From the beginning or for much of the second half, he’ll be there. Giroud: Olivier in extra time? It doesn’t worry me, he’s very fine.” He will play. Calabria and Tonali: “David is a very strong and intelligent player, clean in his exit, has tracks and positions. Sandro knows how to do it all, build and intercept, and fit. Tonali and Bennacer get to know each other better, it is very important that you trust your partner and I am very lucky to coach them. Even when he didn’t have the ball. He understands what he needs. Contract? You don’t have to ask me…”

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