This Kind of Milk Will Be Bad for the Brain: What Science Has Discovered

This Kind of Milk Will Be Bad for the Brain: What Science Has Discovered

According to research, it would be best to avoid some type of milk as it would promote cognitive decline

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08/08/2022 8:51 PM

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the milk It is a valuable food for our health from birth. It is actually a drink rich in nutrients that are beneficial for physical health. In particular calcium, which allows bones to remain strong. However there will be A type of milk that should be avoided. That’s, at least, according to a study that showed how It would enhance cognitive decline.

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I study

the study concerned It can be found in the magazine Molecular Nutrition Research, which examined milk consumption in relation to potential cognitive decline. The research was conducted in Spain and included 4,668 obese participants, 48% of whom were women with an average age of 65.

As reported in I The subjects examined had to fill out a questionnaire in which they were asked to answer some questions about eating dairy products. The researchers then performed several tests of cognitive performance, at the start of the study and during a two-year follow-up period.

what appeared

Well, it was discovered Change in cognitive function in the analyzed two-year period based on consumption of dairy products. Changes are seen in those who recruit regularly pure milk. This type of milk It contains a lot of saturated fatwhich can lead, from middle age onward, over time, to cognitive decline.

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Because it would be a good idea to avoid whole milk

It is known that Eat a lot of saturated fats It can lead to a buildup of cholesterol in the arteries. This in turn can increase the The risk of heart disease and negatively affect brain health. In light of these considerations, it would be best to change the type of dairy product, avoiding whole milk, but only whole milk.

By doing this, you can continue to drink this drink without worrying about any cognitive issues. Although it must be said that milk is suitable for children, it is always good not to abuse it when we grow up.

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