Audi, bad news for customers: now they will cost much more, this is the company’s decision

Audi, bad news for customers: now they will cost much more, this is the company’s decision

From 2024, Audi customers will feel the pain. And all because of high prices. Here’s what will be affected.

The automobile market is experiencing great turmoil between the constant release of new models, in particular SUVs, or most city cars, and the enormous investments required of all manufacturers to adapt to the dictates of society regarding the production of zero-emission cars or hybrid cars with a vision of 2035. .

Audi, sad news for 2024 (Pixabay) –

The air you breathe into the environment is therefore an ongoing revolution in the way we perceive and experience buying and selling cars. With the arrival of electric cars in massive doses, everything has become more complicated It is arduous, and requires producers to work hard to find a solution to increase production costs.

Therefore, just as the final price of these vehicles is still higher today than those with internal combustion engines, on the other hand, manufacturers are pulling a lot of money, perhaps more than expected, from their pockets to comply with the specifications. A new task was imposed on them.

It goes without saying that, like a snake biting its own tail, the end user is still the loser. The same Audi has announced in recent days that there will be price increases starting January 1st.

Audi warns its customers that this will happen from 2024

The reason is related to the desire to increase income and once again shine in the sales rankings. To do this, it decided to “reserve” the opportunities offered by the premium segment, intended for customers with a certain economic well-being. As technical director Oliver Hoffmann confirmed to Autocar, the next generation of electric cars will be decorated with paid-for innovations. In summary Modifications will only be available for additional spending of money.

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For the series, one shot on the rim and one on the barrel, the Ingolstadt producer specified that the goal was not only to make money, but also to satisfy the tastes of users who demand more equipment for some time.

Audi e-tron (Audi) – Drift

On-demand upgrades will be available on e-tron and e-tron Sportback models. For example, the LED Matrix package will allow you to take advantage of automatic switching between high and low beams, animations of the car during opening and closing and a semi-autonomous parking system. Through the MyAudi app, it will be possible to download new content independently without having to go to a distributor or add devices.

The most disturbing aspect was that the House of the Four Rings had specifically chosen this path Following BMW’s decision to suspend the possibility of purchasing add-ons Away because of people’s dissatisfaction.

German leaders shrug their shoulders and repeat that the future of the auto industry depends on demand. Therefore, no step back, on the contrary, from next year, the most demanding customers will only be able to satisfy their desires at checkout.

It cannot be ruled out that this strategy was adopted to win the love of the Americans and the Chinese. It has recently been cold towards the German brand, but above all it has become increasingly dangerous for companies from the Old Continent, less willing to take risks.

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