The flag and the comma are back, two exceptional guests for the 2023 edition

The flag and the comma are back, two exceptional guests for the 2023 edition

31.03.2023 – 1.00 pm – from May 4th to 9thl Trieste And with events also scheduled at other locations in Friuli Venezia Giulia, it’s back Flag and commathe Science and Media Festival At the finish line of its seventh edition, organized by SISSA under the technical direction of writer Paolo Giordano, physicist by training and professional writer.
Also this year the festival will move across different spaces and locations, with a proposal in the name of cultural pollution and a “billboard – you expect Nico PetrelliOrganizational and Scientific Director – and in it, as in previous years, meetings, dialogues and new publications on the subject of scientific articles find space, but also for presentations, performances, experimental events and tastings, as well as workshops for adults and children.

The Technical Director of Scienza e Comma confirms, Paul Jordan: “In the complex present in which we live, science calls by many sides, and insistently, to question its relationship to society, and to question its impact on the collective level and on individual existence. At the same time, writers and writers now realize that they cannot abandon, as happened For a long time, about listening to science to decipher the world. The next edition of Scienza e Comma will try to explore our place in this mutual and fundamental convergence. Global science and the democratization of knowledge are two of the concepts that have been placed at the heart of this year. Firmly believing that the ability to include the greatest number Only different perspectives and experiences can guarantee us a true vision of who we are and where we are.”

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The international hospitality of the Science and Media Festival 2023 promises to be particularly prestigious: from Sheila Jasanoffrecipient of the 2022 Holberg Prize Board Award for her academic engagement in the humanities and social sciences and for her pioneering research on the democratization of scientific and technological innovation.
Sheila Jasanoff will be in Trieste in person, on Sunday 7 May, for a dialogue with Paolo Giordano dedicated to “La Scienza Gentile. The quality of research politics in knowledge democracies” (Antico Caffè and Libreria San Marco, 5.30pm).

Equally important is meeting the Iranian physicist, the naturalized American, Cumrum fava, Dirac Medal 2008, Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy of Nature at Harvard University, one of the world’s leading experts on string theory. In Trieste, he will present his latest essay “Enigmi to decipher the world” (Daedalus) on Saturday 6 May at 5 pm in the spaces of the Lovat Bibliotheca in Trieste, in dialogue with SISSA Professor of Theoretical Physics Giuseppe Musardo, who supervised the Italian translation of the book.


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