Tombolone of science ready: five hours between experiments and sustainability, Montani students are heroes

Tombolone of science ready: five hours between experiments and sustainability, Montani students are heroes

Stop – the important day has arrived: Montani’s Tombolone Scientifico regains its place in the life of the city and students. The first version, in 2007, was an innovative learning experience that was ahead of its time in terms of Steam’s approach. Since then, in escalating activities designed with the continuous development of the relationship between the school and the local area, the main goal is to bring everyone closer to the magic of science, with an emphasis on young students.

Experiments designed to approach science through play and curiosity, in fact, curiosity is the driving force behind the observation of a phenomenon and is a prerequisite for its justification. Behind every number 90 is an experience.

Participants receive a folder with 5 numbers corresponding to 5 trials. Under the guidance of a staff of more than 300 teachers (Montani students and teachers), everyone can do the tombolone by carrying out customized experiences and receiving an appropriate award for scientific and technical curiosity.

The common denominator is sustainability. “The sustainable practices developed at Montagne in each technical area will be discovered by the public through interactive experiences, curated scientifically and aesthetically to enhance creativity and reasoning. Montagne students are accessible to the public: their long preparation leads them to enhance technical, scientific and relational skills, in a festive atmosphere related to learning” explains Director Stefania Scatasta. Between one experiment and another, we will talk about microplastics, oil spills at sea, noise, and electricity pollution. We will discover renewable energies and biodiversity that must be preserved and what are the characteristics that distinguish a smart city; We will learn to recover precious metals from electronic waste using food waste, and we will install biodegradable food packaging capable of indicating product freshness.”

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From the 15th to the 19th, all that remains is to switch to Biennial or contact Montani’s web pages.

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