Juventus, salary maneuvers: which clubs, managers and players are at risk? From Maximum Fine to Second Sanction: Scenarios

Juventus, salary maneuvers: which clubs, managers and players are at risk?  From Maximum Fine to Second Sanction: Scenarios
Next April will be an important month for Juventus, not just on the pitch – with a run of nine matches in three competitions that will clarify ideas about Allegri’s chances of reaching the Coppa Italia final. Continue your journey in the Europa League and try to race to fourth place – but also and above all in the halls of the courts of sporting justice, with the appeal of the Kony guarantee board and above all the possibility of the arrival of new penalties for the second tranche salary maneuver. But what penalties might Juventus face? Is there really a danger of a new maximum penalty for the old lady and disqualification of the players? Let’s try to assess the situation, and also help ourselves with what sports newspapers publish today …

Timing and assumptions are on the table

These days, federal prosecutor Giuseppe Chen, after four months of investigative work on the basis of 14,000 pages of investigation by the Turin prosecutor’s office in Prisma, is pulling strings on the direction of “salary maneuvers” and the two agreements between Juventus and the players. During the first two seasons of Covid (2019-2020 and 2020-2021), which did not represent a salary cut, but rather a “mere postponement” of four months’ salary payment. The Football Association’s Sporting Justice Act provides that at the end of an investigation, a potential accused receives a similar ‘prior referral’ and can ask to be heard and given a brief. At this point, the district attorney’s office will find itself at a crossroads: moving forward with referrals, filings, or evaluating any plea bargain requests. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the most likely hypothesis – for an attempt to close the path of sporting justice by the end of the tournament with the two federal divisions envisaged – is that Go to federal court between the end of April And beginning of May.

But in short, what is the danger of Juventus? If mathematical justice was able to prove the now famous side message With the players (from CR7 to Dybala) Juventus, for Gazzetta dello Sport, will take risks Maximum fine and/or penalty of “one or more points”. Paragraph 3 of Article 31 is clear and highlights how:A club that enters into agreements with its members or pays them fees, gratuities or compensation in violation of applicable federal provisions, shall be liable to a fine of two to three times the amount illegally agreed or paid, which shall be punished by one or more ranking points.In short, there is an added risk of a penalty compared to the already onerous -15, but it seems unlikely that in addition to a shock penalty such as the -15 shock penalty inflicted in recent weeks, another massive penalty such as the one assumed in the past could Adding a few hours may even lead to a discount in the ranking of 40. On the other hand, former CEOs, already deferred, will face other impediments of at least six months.

And what about soccer players? According to the Milanese newspaper, there is a high probability that the players will avoid the ban since then It will be difficult to prove their direct responsibility. “In the exchange of emails between the Juve managers at the time and the players’ agents – Gazzetta dello Sport reports on its reconstruction – It is clear that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office considered that the level of awareness of the behavior of the players was insufficient, and therefore their direct and confirmed responsibility for the regulatory violationOn the other hand, the position of customers is more sensitive, who unlike players may face penalties.

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And what if Juventus decided to negotiate?

However, an unexpected possibility could unfold on the horizon: once Chen puts the blame on the cards, Juventus could also decide to negotiate. According to Corriere dello Sport, the hypothesis should not be rejected either because the benefits in terms of penalty deduction would be very attractive since there could be a reduction of up to a third of the penalty prescribed in the case where the action was carried out in the normal way. The problem is that, by taking this path, Juventus would be forced to plead guilty, i.e. completely reverse their defense strategy and ignore allegations that have been made in recent months in which both former executives and new board members have declared their innocence and non-transfer of involvement in the charges.

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